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  1. Maybe a Mistake

    Oil Leak Help

    I'm pretty new to posting so be kind please. I'm digging into my second scout, which is a 1980 Scout ii with a 345 and a 727 transmission. It sprung a leak on the power steering box input shaft and has been sitting for about 6 months. I went out to work on it and found that my drip pan under the...
  2. Larson

    Wheel help

    Hi all, just bought my first scout ever. It’s a bone stock 63 80. My problem is this, it still have the old skinny wheels and tires. I want to upgrade to radial tires for safety and serviceability. I am also thinking I want to get a disc brake upgrade kit from scout parts. so reading through...
  3. Daniel Gulick

    ‘63 Scout 80 with sliding windows...Softopper top

    Well, I should have seen this coming. I purchased and installed a soft top from Softopper. It looks great, functionality is spot on, fair pricing...problem is it doesn’t work with my sliding windows that my ‘63 80 comes with. I have a few options in mind, have searched for many more - empty...
  4. TheCrazyFarmer

    I need non IH help!

    I'm sorry, I know this isn't IH related, but this is the only help forum I'm part of, and I really need your help. We have have a 1977 GMC Sierra Grande, and its developed an engine knock. I haven't ever done engine work before, but its an amazing truck, and if there is anything we can do...
  5. Bryan Johnson

    Scout 80, brake help, please!

    I have a (early) 1961 scout 80 that ive been working on for the past few months, and finally got around to pulling the brake drums off, and as suspected, the wheel cylinders are complete junk, So, does anyone know of a part number or a place where I can buy replacement wheel? Mine are stamped...
  6. Bryan Johnson

    Air, Fuel Spark, still won't start

    Okay, I'm baffled, i have a 61 scout 80 with a 152 that was sitting for 40 years, I freed up the motor (marvel mystery oil in the cylinders) and changed the oil now it cranks fine, has spark, has air, and fuel, and still won't start, I'm completely lost, hopefully someone here can point me in...
  7. NateG

    Classic Question what should I do about split rims

    Hey guys, First post so excuse my lack of forum knowledge. With the wealth of knowledge here, I just was hoping to get some feedback. I've had my 66 1200A 2wd for about 5 years now and so far I've got it to daily driving status: Full brake system rebuild including stainless brake lines front to...
  8. Bryan Johnson

    Ignition Help

    Dumb question time, I have a '77 scout ii, 345, that I am currently piecing back together to drive to high school. The PO pulled the engine and pretty much cut all the wires to the engine, leaving me to put it back together based on the shop manual, also they installed a pertronix unit w/t a...
  9. G

    Trans exploded...

    Hi, this is my first post here. I'm a 17 year old high school student. Two days ago, my 1979 Scout II (304, auto 727, terra model) slipped out of gear, grated, and the trans exploded, breaking the pan and catching fire. Wondering if anyone has a tranny they would be willing to sell to me. Please...
  10. Bryan Johnson

    Anybody know where to find Camshaft thrust flange???

    Was about to reassemble my 345 when I realized that there was no thrust Flange, I went through all the parts still no luck. I looked at IHPA real quick and didnt see any, I was wondering if anybody knows any part #'s, or where to find one??
  11. AshleyNichole

    1955 International Pickup Restoration

    We have a 1955 International Pickup that we are restoring and I have searched high and low for the DUPONT paint formulas for the Harvester Red #50 and the Magnolia Ivory #9. I cannot find it ANYWHERE!!!! We want this truck to be restored to it's original beauty and the two toned red and cream...