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  1. Randall Barringer

    Older pic of my 1968 Scout 800 2wd

    This was the day Dawson and I rebuilt the back bed area. That Scout was a local dealership's runaround, delivery truck. I'd guess that was 12 years ago. The Scout lives happily in New Orleans now.
  2. P

    1971 1210 (392E 2wd) Automatic Transmission Part Question???

    Hello All, Help I am a new automotive rookie to the IH world. 1971 1210 2wd 392E engine 4 barrel Holley carb. Question 1 Would someone let me know if the part on the first 4 photos is an oil pressure sensor or what this part is??Also a replacement part number if possible. Seems like metal line...
  3. Shawn3ssy

    1958 A112 'Harold' work truck.

    So I work for a construction (general/framing) company and need a work truck to haul trailers and bring my tools in. Right now, I shove all my tools, air guns, staples, etc. into the back of my sedan. I've been looking online for a good truck that can handle a rough gravel road no problem...
  4. skatetheame

    Topless Flatbed 800

    Figured I would start a build thread for the baggage handler I picked up at an auction. I posted it in the tech section. Since the conveyor and hydrolic portions are missing I'm planning to cut the mount off the...
  5. M

    1969 800A - 2 Wheel Drive

    Hello, I jus joined as I purchased my first Scout - 1969 800A with 2 wheel drive. I am only now finding out how much of an oddball the 2wd is. My main problem is brake drums as it has a 4.5 wheel bolt pattern, and I have found out brake drums are non-existent. Sooo... If anyone out there...
  6. C

    What Steering Knuckle is this?

    Can anyone tell me what steering knuckle this is? I have a 74 2wd Scout ii and I can't find if this is a Dana 44 or Dana 30 knuckle. My end goal is to do a disc brake conversion. Thanks
  7. TheCrazyFarmer

    Tires for a 68 1100C

    Hi there! I am contemplating getting some taller tires for my truck, and I wanted to get other opinions. I got a good deal on the tires I have currently, which is why I have them. They make the truck pretty low to the ground, so much so, that it can be hard for me to slide under there. I don't...
  8. Bryan hill

    304 knocking

    1968 travelall hasn't run for a minimum of 15 years. Has knock, not tick at idle ( Cold and warm) increasing in intensity with throttle position. Runs really smooth great power , for 1968 Got new clean fuel, mechanical pump blocked. Running electric FP. Pulled valve covers, rockers all move...
  9. NateG

    Classic Question what should I do about split rims

    Hey guys, First post so excuse my lack of forum knowledge. With the wealth of knowledge here, I just was hoping to get some feedback. I've had my 66 1200A 2wd for about 5 years now and so far I've got it to daily driving status: Full brake system rebuild including stainless brake lines front to...
  10. TheCrazyFarmer


    Hi there! I bought a new project truck recently, and I noticed that my front axle was a bit crooked. My first thought was that since one of the front shocks was broken off, that might be it, but i replaced them and its still crooked. My second thought was that maybe since it was on a hill it was...
  11. TheCrazyFarmer


    Hi there! I recently bought a 1968 international 1100c pickup and I was wondering if anyone here knows how to tell what engine i have. Its a V8, and the guy that sold it to me said it was a 3 something, and that's about all i know:cowboy:
Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group
Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group