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Where can I get A Line Set Ticket for my IH vehicle?

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Lineset Tickets

Any Scout Light Line vendor can supply you with a linesetting ticket
for your IH vehicle. Below are some of the names of those vendors.
Binder Books

IH Only

IHOnly North

Super Scout Specialists

Mr. Scout

Light Line of Louisiana

The Scout Connection

12/10/2007: Thanks to Howard Pletcher and Roy Ireland for the following
As of December 2007, all of the remaining Line Set Tickets have been
entrusted to the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, WI. for
preservation and distribution. Line Set Tickets may continue to be
ordered from all the usual vendors as before to now include the WHS.

Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 16:23:45 -0500
From: Howard R Pletcher
Subject: [ihc] Re: IH Truck Linesets
The lineset microfilms that were in Fort Wayne have been transferred to
the Wisconsin Historical Society. I inquired as to their availability
now and received the following answer:

We're ready to take orders. We require pre-payment by check or
credit card. Our fee is $20.
To request, send model, year and VIN to:
McCormick-International Harvester Collection
816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
FAX: 608-264-6484
Let me know if you have questions.

Lee Grady
McCormick-International Harvester Collection Archivist
Wisconsin Historical Society
Phone order with CC
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Finally received my LST. Back in Mid-April I requested the LST from McCormick-International Harvester Collection. I called a week ago in Mid-May to check in on the progress and learned that the person who was handling the requests had fallen ill back in April. The person I talked to on the phone was very helpful and got me the LST I requested within 48 hours. :) I sure do hope the previous person who was handling the collection gets well again.
Good advice here. Used SSS twice, Binder Books once, but calling the Wisconsin Historical Society is by far the best.