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Scout II Production figures and History

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Facts & Figures collected from the web & compiled by Craig Beebe. Thanks Craig!

Year Built Code

1973 34,117 CGD

1974 34,865 DGD

1975 31,866 EGD

1976 37,244 FGD

1977 39,884 GGD

1978 37,195 HGD

1979 44,434 JGD

1980 13,106 KGD

* The XLC abbreviation on Scout IIs designates Extra Load Capacity

*The Nissan Diesel engine was introduced in the 1976 model year.

*All 1980 Diesel Scouts were turbo-charged and were manufactured only with manual transmissions

*The SS II designation stands for Super Scout II

*All 1980 models were 4wd

* The Scout II was the official vehicle of the U.S ski team in 1976

*1976 was the introductory model year for the 118" w.b. Traveler and the 118" Terra models

*There were approximately 4,000 total SSIIs produced from 1977-1979. SSII *sales* figures (not production figures) are as follows: 1977 = 783, 1978 = 2478, 1979 = 491, 1980 = 176, 1981 = 34, 1982 = 6.

* The last Scout II rolled off of the assembly line October21, 1980
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