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Pictoral Scout 80/800 Identification guide

Binder TV
Earliest Scout 80 (to July 1962)
  • Sliding door windows only
  • Tapered rear axle shafts
  • Non-removable bulkhead

Scout 80 (1961-1965)
  • "IH" Emblem Centered in the Grill
  • Integrated Lock Cylinder and Door Handle
  • Wipers Mounted on the top of the windshield
  • Door Handles "Twist" Variety
  • Fold-down Windshield
  • Optional roll-up windows

Scout 800 (1965-1969)
  • "IH"Logo on the front of the hood
  • "International" centered in the grill
  • Push Button Door handles
  • Lock Cylinder Below Door Handle
  • V-8 first available in 1966
Scout 800A (August 1969-July 1970)
  • Wipers mounted below the windshield
  • IH emblem on the front of the Hood
  • "INTERNATIONAL" in lower right corner
  • Push Button Door Handles
  • Lock Cylinder Below Door Handle
  • Black Squares surrounding the Headlights
  • Round Reflectors on side panels
Scout 800B (August 1970-April 1971)
  • Wipers mounted below windshield
  • "IH" logo in lower right corner of grill
  • Push Button Door Handles
  • Lock Cylinder Below Handle
  • Light Colored Squares around headlights
  • Rectangular Side Marker Lights

    Written and illustrated by Kyle Thoreson
Will Marsh
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this answers some questions ive had about my 69. always wondered why the grill looks different and i don't have the black headlight bezels that i thought all 69s have