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Pickup ID FAQ '57-'68

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A series 1957-1958 (A1x0)

* Brand New Cab to replace L/R/S Comforvision cab
* Travelall got 3rd door
* 3 door Travelette body introduced
* 1957 Golden Jubilee Edition upscale version of A100 available

B Series 1959-1960 (B1x0)

* Minor revision in front sheet metal
* New broad mesh grill
* Stacked Quad Headlights (first year for US legality)
* SV series IH V8 first offered as an option to the two BD series 6 cylinder
* SV 266 standard in 1/2, 3/4 and ton models for 1960, 6 cylinders were still available

C series 1961-1962 (C1x0)

* Completely redesigned front sheet metal
* Quad horizontal headlights in aluminum eggcrate concave grill
* Interior shared with B series
* Independent front suspension offered on the C100
* Travelall and Travelette got 4 fullsize doors
* Redesigned step frame for lower entrance/exit/load height

The following trucks (1963-1968) are what is commonly refered to as the "C series" in most IH circles

C series 1963-1964 (C1x00)

* All new interior and instrumentation (
* New front valance for dual headlights with chrome trim rings
* "INTERNATIONAL" in center of new convex polish aluminum eggcrate grill
* Stylized "IH" Emblem on hood replaced with plain "IH"
* Model C900 first offered as a model between the Scout and the 1000
* C900 available only with 152ci 4 cylinder and 3 speed 2wd
* Heavy 1/2 ton (1100) available with factory 4 wheel drive
* C1500 model was largest in the series with 266 as only available engine
* BG series replaced BD series inline 6 engines and were now the standard engine again with V8s optional

D Series 1965 - March 1966 (D1x00)

* Front valance slightly modified to accept new grill
* 30 vertical bar "waterfall" grill with "International" in the center

A Series April 1966 - Dec 1966(1x00A)

* 30 bar grill now got a single horizontal bar extending from the "International" in the center
* New colors introduced including "Bahama Blue, Tahitian Yellow and Tam O'Shanter Green
* New padded door panels and dashes were options as well as wood grain dash trim
* Automatic choke newly availible with the V8 engines

B Series Dec 1966 - 1967 (1x00B)

* New grill with black mesh and aluminum framing with "International" in the center
* Bright Aluminum rings around the headlights
* Custom package offered with various interior and exterior upgrades
* 900 replaced with 908 which came with the SV 266 V8 and an 8" longer WB and bed
* Dual circuit brakes added as a standard safety feature
* Some late year trucks came with round front fender maker lights above the wheel openings

C series 1968 (1x00C)

* New bright aluminum headlight bezels to match the grill
* "IH" removed from hood
* Square marker lights added to the front fender with model designation moved to just behind them instead of behind the wheel opening
* Several different trim levels offered
* New chrome and aluminum trim available for the length of the truck

I would like to thank all of those who help in suppling pictures and information for this FAQ. I must also note sources of some information includes International Trucks by Fred Crismon and Howard Pletcher's various write ups and International Harvester promotional literature. Others who were particularly helpful were Jim Grammer, Allan Erickson and Will Marsh.

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