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KB Article IH Scout II Parts List & Useful Information version 2015-09-24

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I have compiled a Scout II parts list for replacement parts I have used for service and maintenance on my '79 Scout 345 727 along with possible alternate parts with comments. (I have not included much for my other '79 with the T19 since I lost that list long ago.) My list is of the type that has mostly vendor part numbers that can be Googled and found at auto parts stores. My categorized list has over 250 parts plus possible alternates from bearings to bulbs. I have found some Scout owners have made some similar lists they posted on-line, but some are old lists and even the replacement parts are no longer available. If you have made a list for any replacement parts for a Stock Scout, perhaps we can combine the lists.
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  1. 1979 International Harvester Scout II Parts List & Useful Information 2015-09-24

    Revised thermostat and fan clutch part numbers based on my '79 IH 345, and added general info...

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