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KB Article Front Wheel Bearing Adjustment

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The shop-manual procedure for adjusting the front wheel bearings (with the double hex locking nuts) is as follows:

Use a 2-1/16" spindle nut socket to tighten the inner nut to 30 ft-lb, while rotating the hub/rotor. This is to seat the bearings.

Back the inner nut off 1/4 to 1/3 of a turn.

Install the flat-washer and the second (locking) nut, and torque this second nut to 125-150 ft-lb.


The outer nut with the set-screws (as used with the Auto-Matic and Lock-o-Matic hublocks) does not require as much final torque -- as it relies on the set screws engaging in a slotted tab-washer to prevent their loosening.

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