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CVI, Midas, and Van America Conversions

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CVIs (Custom Vehicles Inc.) were converted or dolled up Scouts made from late 1978 through 1980, just around the corner from the Scout assembly plant in Ft.Wayne,IN. by an independent contractor for IH. These packages: Sportstar, Travelstar, Midnitestar, Terrastar, Classic (2 colors in gold or black striping), GMS (Green Machine Sport), Trailstar, Raven, Shadow, 5.6 Liter, 3.2 liter, Hot Stuff, Billy Kidd "Ski Scout", etc., were geared from certain regions of North America. The CVI packages could be ordered through the IH Dealers. The Packages could include special stripes, plastic SSII grille or tailgate insert (2 styles: one matching the SSII grille the other had the word "SCOUT" on the right side which was used on 1980 CVI models), long console (automatic only), side window louvers, Special side molding (upper &/or lower), Hurricane Aluminum wheels and yes hood scoops on certain package models such as the Terrastar & Midnitestar.

Other Conversions were Midas Van Conversions and Van American. The Midas Packages included Scout II, Traveler("Famliy Cruiser"), Terra and SSII ("Baja Scout SSII") from 1977 through 1980. (There were no SSIIs in 1980 except for the Hurst Shawnee Scout). These packages included special interiors with swivel bucket seats, special seats in the back, a 3rd seat as an option in the Traveler, Special consoles or ice chests, sunroofs, etc., color keyed headliners and carpet, overhead digital clock as an option, Tonneau cover on Terra models, four reading lights, and special striping as an option. There were Midas Scouts built with factory paint & striping. The SSII had two racing seats with matching highback rear seat, Whitco softtop with skylight, padded console ice chest, padded roll bar, snap out carpet, inside rear quarter panel covered and as options: special paint & striping, & brush guards with offroad lights.

The Van American conversion although quite rare today was a less desired conversion because of the thick shag carpet covering floor sides and roof. Options for these units included: Factory seats covered in special material, Vinyl Door panels, AM-FM 8-track, deluxe striping, padded console, spare tire cover, & ceiling light.

Both Midas & Van American were located in Elkhart, IN. & are no longer in business. CVI is also long gone.

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