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KB Article Body LIft Tips and Techniques

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Body Lift Tips & Techniques

By Roy Ireland
January 20, 2007

Body Mounts

How much can I raise my Scout with body mounts?
The body can be raised about 1 1/2" to 2" before you encounter issues
like steering column and radiator placement. Replacing the original,
squashed mounts with new ones will generally net you about 1" of body
lift. Higher lifts will require relocating the radiator mounts and
replacing the steering column rag joint with a Borgeson-type U-joint.

Where can I get them?
Several of the Scout/IH vendors have body mounts available.
See the Machine Shop Forum for a list of current vendors.

What else can I use?
Body mounts for a Jeep CJ5 or CJ7 will also fit the early Scouts
and are available from Summit Racing or Jeep or 4x4 vendors.

How many do I need?
Scout 80 and 800: 8 points of contact in four
positions on each side of the vehicle plus the radiator mount.
From front to rear their locations are:
1. Driver's side and passenger's side floor
2. Amidships underneath on the top of the frame (bolt heads
not visible from inside the Scout)
3. Rear bed near the tailgate
4. Ends of rear frame crosspiece (accessible from inside the
rear wheel wells)

Scout II: There are eight mounts located in four
positions on both sides of the vehicle.
From front to rear their locations are:
1.Behind the headlights
2. Under the door jamb
3. Just before front of rear spring
4. Under the tailgate (these are carriage bolts)
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