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KB Article 61 to 73 IH 100, 1000, 1010 2wd Torsion Bar IFS Suspension And Steering Part Numbers

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By Mike Toney (MikeInMobile,AL)

Part SOURCES here.

Here are the current part numbers that I have for the IH 1961 to 1973, 100, 1000, 1010 2wd FA8, FA9, torsion bar IFS steering, suspension and brakes.

Idler arm,
69-73 FA8/9, #20237* , MOOG K-3086
67-68 FA8/9, #20235*, MOOG K-3081, NAPA (Perfect Circle) 268-3516, McQuay Norris 1FA462
61-66 FA8/9, MOOG K-3027

69-73 FA8/9, #27293*, , #?
61-68 FA8/9, #28191*,, #863658R91

Inner tie rod end,
69-73 FA8/9 driver side, MOOG ES402RL
67-68 FA8/9 both sides, #25516*, #351845C91, MOOG ES400R
61-66 FA8/9 both sides, , #?

Outer tie rod end,
69-73 FA8/9 pass side, MOOG ES354R
69-73 FA8/9 driver side, MOOG ES354R, adjusting sleeve, MOOG ES500S
67-68 FA8/9 both sides, #25515*, #330527C91, MOOG ES400L
61-66 FA8/9, , #?

Disc brake calipers,
69-73 FA8/9, RWC5106/RWC5107 unloaded, RC4061/RC4062 loaded

Disc brake pads,
69-73 FA8/9, Carquest RD 185, Raybestos RRD39

Disc brake hoses ,
69-73 FA8/9, NAPA UP381205, Raybestos BH381205, Carquest SP5297

Disc brake wheel bearings,
69-73 FA8/9 front disc inner bearing/race, Carquest A3
69-73 FA8/9 front disc outer bearing/race, Carquest A5
69-73 FA8/9 front disc inner hub seal, 203006

61-73 FA8/9, (Front shocks) Gabriel 82049, KYB 1923137

Ball joints**,
61-73, FA8/9 Upper, #10391*, MOOG K-3084, TRW 10150N
61-73, FA8/9 Lower, #10392*, MOOG K-3085, TRW 10151N

Strut rod bushing kit**,
61-73 FA8/9, NAPA NCP2749014,
Advanced Auto Parts ( FA7081 $6.79,
2 kits (4 bushings) required per vehicle., MOOG K-3060A w/2 bushings

Control arm bushings** ,
61-73 FA8/9 Front upper arm, FB610, Advanced Auto Parts ( $7.99, NAPA NCP2671122, 2 bushings required per vehicle, MOOG K-3046 upper arm kit w/2 bushings

61-73 FA8/9 Rear upper and lower arm bushing%,
AC Delco 45G9003 ( $11.43 ea, NAPA NCP2673174, 4 bushings required per vehicle, 2 upper rear, 2 lower, MOOG K-3047 lower bushing

%(FB 630 is also listed for this application, but N/A currently)

*(Also available online and in store from and under the part number. This info is current when using part number searches on both sites as of 12/20/06)

**(Note, these parts fit ALL disc and drum brake 61 to 73 IH pickup trucks/Travelalls with the FA8/FA9 IFS front suspension)

Moog, TRW, Mcqay Norris, Gabriel, and IH part numbers are listed for reference only since they are no longer manufactured for these applications, though NOS parts do continue to surface and become available. These obsolete numbers are useful when looking at NOS parts with manufacturer numbers attached or printed on a box containing the part. Visual confirmation should be made prior to purchase that the part, especially if inside a box, is the correct part for your application, regardless of the number on the box.

(Part numbers updated 2/08/09)
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