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  1. Will Marsh

    first scout build,by a bronco guy??

    Congrats on the baby girl, she looks good on you! My wife got out of helping two different moves like that. ;p The throttle cable you got is actually correct you just need one of these: Throttle Cable Bushing Remove the PO installed ball stud from the pedal, pull the cable through the hole...
  2. Will Marsh

    1973 loadstar brake parts from any chain parts store?

    What state are you in? NAPA is probably your best bet in chain stores, maybe O'Reillys. In Colorado or Wyoming I'd suggest Drivetrain Industries ( ). Get the manufacturer casting numbers off the parts you want and they can usually find it. Good luck.
  3. Will Marsh

    Disk brakes on a 73 scout

    No Scout was ever built by IH with rear DISC brakes. Somebody modified it, and you'll have to figure out what they used. I'd start with the casting numbers off the calipers, Google search is your friend here. :)
  4. Will Marsh

    RMIHR prep, 3 weeks to go!

    In three weeks, we'll be in Kremmling, CO setting up for RMIHR. Hope to see you all there. I made the executive decision to take the race truck this year since we have the Mud Pit. Here it is! It's a '73 Scout II, 350SBC/TH350/NP208 3.73 gears LT285/75R16 Tires. Tilt front clip of my design.
  5. Will Marsh

    Tire and wheel size help

    On a 2.5" lift, I'll bet they're 31/10.50-15LT. Look at the tire diameter compared to the size of the wheel wells, which appear to be stock.
  6. Will Marsh

    Gas in oil

    If you are on the Colorado Front Range, don't remove it. They still require the tailpipe test and visual inspection unless you have "Collector Plates" on it. It will fail the visual if it's not installed. :( BTDT.
  7. Will Marsh

    Which holes do I use to mount 345 to engine stand

    I use a cross chain when lifting any engine. Front hole on one head to the same hole on the rear opposite head. I don't trust those 4 little holes, even on a SBC. YMMV.
  8. Will Marsh

    Transmission help 727

    I could be mistaken, Jeff. I've only seen one, in 2002 or so, in a Scout. My recollection was that it looked just like the Ford SB FMX sitting in my shed at the time, so much so I mused about the possibility of bolting an FMX or C4 behind an IH motor using the bellhousing off one. Not sure...
  9. Will Marsh

    Transmission help 727

    The BW used aluminum bellhousings and tailshaft housings. The center case is cast iron. The easy way to tell a BW is the rectangular oil pan.
  10. Will Marsh

    Pictoral Scout 80/800 Identification guide - Pictoral Scout 80/800 Identification guide

    Earliest Scout 80 (to July 1962) Sliding door windows only Tapered rear axle shafts Non-removable bulkhead Scout 80 (1961-1965) "IH" Emblem Centered in the Grill Integrated Lock Cylinder and Door Handle Wipers Mounted on the top of the windshield Door Handles "Twist" Variety Fold-down...
  11. Will Marsh

    152 turbo exhaust manifold ?

    Jeff, I have the original copy of Mark's article at the shop (since I posted it to the FAQ/WIKI.) I can send it to you tomorrow if you get me an email address. 970-443-0557, leave a message if I don't pick it up.
  12. Will Marsh

    Should I take the "International" plunge?

    What Fred and Darrell said. Look for rust bubbles in ALL corners of the windshield frame, the rear bottom cab corners, and where the hood hinges mount to the fenderwells. I'd be very surprised if you don't find any, and they only get worse.
  13. Will Marsh

    T-1 transmission

    C100 would be 1962-63, right? It's a version of a BW T-90, probably built by IH. Beyond buying the Service Manual for the truck, you probably won't find much information about it but it's basically the same as any other T-90 out there in a Scout or a Jeep. Considering the "3 on the tree"...
  14. Will Marsh

    Pertronix Kit Part Number

    Gold box replacement version is a HO-181. Everything else I said still applies. Will Marsh
  15. Will Marsh

    Pertronix Kit Part Number

    Are you sure it's a Prestolite? (Smooth Body) A '74 would have come from the factory with a Gold Box Holley. (Contoured body) If it really is a Prestolite the kits are usually a 1483A or 91483A for the IgnitorII. If you punch the IDX-XXXX number on the distributor into Pertronix website it...