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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. Wbrent7766

    Racing Scouts

    Not that I am interested in your left.. mmm.. thumb, but I know where there might be a set avalible soon. I'll PM you after I find out if the guy still has them.
  2. Wbrent7766

    Propane system for trade

    Sent you a PM
  3. Wbrent7766

    Trail runs?

    Welcome There is going to be a trail run on Sunday july 15th during the Binder Bee. Come on down for the show, it's always a good time. July 13-15 in Brooks, OR just north of Salem.
  4. Wbrent7766

    Scout 800 Leans to Driver's Side

    My 800B came with 1/2" spacers on the pass side.
  5. Wbrent7766

    Scout 800 Leans to Driver's Side

    Did you put the 1/2" spacers back in on the passenger side springs?
  6. Wbrent7766

    Scout 800 back seat and roll bar

    Depends on what you call crazy expensive. Jeff at IH Only North sells these that that just need to be covered. 800 backseat
  7. Wbrent7766

    New member to Binder Planet - Portland OR

    Welcoome. There is a IHSTO meeting this Thursday evening in salem @ Elmers. Hope to see you there. More info on the site. Always nice to here about another 800 running in OR.
  8. Wbrent7766

    looking for lift

    Welcome to the board. There are a few good right ups on lifts for 69-75 trucks. I don't think there is an off the shelf lift for them yet. As for IHSTO, we meet in Salem on the first Thuresday of the month, it's a great time to meet some fellow binders and some of us have done lift on pickups...
  9. Wbrent7766

    Wanting to do a Soa to 71 scout 800b

    to change a scout II front axle from a sua to a soa is a royal pain ( welding and grinding on cast) and you still half to do a cut and turn. The chevy axle is already set up soa, it just cut and turn, shorten it when you cut it to match scout II demensions.
  10. Wbrent7766

    Wanting to do a Soa to 71 scout 800b

    Whats your budget and experience. To fit 35-37 tire you are looking at doing a soa, in which case change out the front with a chevy dana 44 and do a cut and turn with high steer.
  11. Wbrent7766

    Scout 800 lift

    Jeff at IH only north is working on putting some together. An email note from him: We are working on some very exciting, long over due products. Currently under development is a bolt on lift kit for the Scout 80/800, as well as a lift kit for the full size C and D series Truck and...
  12. Wbrent7766

    C-series travelette lift NEED INPUT

    here is a link to the one I did. 67 T-ette http://
  13. Wbrent7766

    vacuum source for wipers is missing.

    This is the right pump
  14. Wbrent7766

    vacuum source for wipers is missing.

    The stock fuel pump for the 800B v-8 was the vacuum pump one.
  15. Wbrent7766

    The best reverse shackle for a Scout II?

    Only way to fix the pinion angle is to do a cut and turn on your axle. Using 4 degree shims will help the caster but makes the pinion angle even worse.