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    IHC Inline 6 Discussion Group

    hi guys i have a 64 1200 4x4 with a bg 265 and 4 spd, but the front engine mount on the block just behind the bottom crank pulley ear broke off . i was wondering has anyone made a diffrent mount location ? didnt like the idea of welding on the engine block ..was thinking off using the heavy...
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    sorry to hear that stu hope it all works out been busy here too ..april was gone for 6 weeks in...

    sorry to hear that stu hope it all works out been busy here too ..april was gone for 6 weeks in cali training up for iraq she leaves again in a week .. been hard on robin and the twins .. of course day she left boyz get the chicken pox right away ... yup been crazy here too .. hope all goes...
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    dana 27 axles

    i havent had a problem with my d27 axle shafts ...but my d27 spiders on the diff are another matter i broke em easy with all stock gear in a snow drift .. when i took it apart there was no teeth left on the spiders !!
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    New owner - '80 Scout II turbo diesel!

    yours looks alot easier than mine was to fix i had used a stud gun and and a puller to pull most of mine out as wellas a cool little tool i bought inflatable dent pullers fron eastwood tools it worked great for fitting inside the panel then inflat helped push alot of the dent out once it was as...
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    Rodney Atkins got a scout for his B-day

    am i the only one who loves the fact its famous with dents and all sitting proud ? working on my body work right now im only trying to keep her from rusting long enough so i can put another 100,000 miles on her ! i love the videos as well long before i realized it was a BB's member but...
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    bucket seat replacment

    i found a set of 2002 front capt chairs out of Ford windstar for 50 bucks at our local salvage . the buckets and all fit beautiful on a scout II but need lots of work to fit a 800 ! as i found out, but looking foward to the challenge . they are awsome high back buckets with built in arm...
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    What did you learn about your IH today?

    that my 67 800 body panels are alot tougher made than i thought (broke 2 dent pullers lol ) when cutting out your floors to remember where your fuel lines are !!! that even a 67 with a 196 and a singl barrel carb sounds sext with a flowmaster exhaust !
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    The EVOLUTION Project

    the rear axle looks darn sexy there . coming from the desert i love score and baja style prerunner designs . i would not worry at all about using square links on the bottom .you had reinforced in all the right areas . look at all the score and baja trucks they all use square links on the...
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    New paint (and mud)

    mines got a kicken am radio and stock single speaker in the dash . if my passenger doesnt talk i can actually hear it while driving .
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    D30 repair or replace

    open the diff cover and take a look .. i was amazed how easy it was to replace the spider gears in my front diff . and parts cost me about 90 bucks shipped . also gives you a good chance to look evrything over like u joints and brakes and clean them up .. even repack your bearings .
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    torque spec on a d-27 ring gear please ?

    thank you for the info i will get all new bolts in the morning .
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    torque spec on a d-27 ring gear please ?

    im having a hard time finding a torque spec o a d27 ring gear ? i already broke one at 55 ft lbs . also could someone share info on a easy way to spread the carrier to slip the diff back in ? thanks ahead of time wayne
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    67 800 d27 spiders let go !

    if i could find one i would be all over it . so far ive found more d44's tha i can ever want and dana 30's ..but no dana 27's or 25's .. i tried to order a set of 4wheel pars today i just got back a message (automated) that they dont ship to alaska only the lower 48 ! :mad: like fricken...
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    67 800 d27 spiders let go !

    thanks thats what i did today . i found jeep dana 27 spiders real easy on the web its gonna be 90 bucks to my door . far better then i had planned . let you all know how it goes .
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    67 800 d27 spiders let go !

    i have been looking hard for d27 parts here locally but most 800/80's have returned to he ground they came from . i have no problems finding scout II axles and parts but i would like to keep it stock looking as possible . my spiders broke so easily and without trying just backing up in the...