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  • Lee, not sure of mileage, I'd go look but it's raining buckets again. We dang near floated off earlier this morning. Yes, I am in the heart of Mustang, Ok! Call me tomorrow around 6 or 7, and I'll try to answer any questions you have. My number is 405-413-1104 and my name is Kyle Samuels.
    Hello, I'd love to help you out with the 392, but I suspect I live just a bit to far away.
    I'd sell ya my 71 T-all with the 392 and a T-34OD trans for 400 bucks. Getting it from here to there could be costly though. If ya want, check out my albums to see the ugly old girl.
    Hey ben, well, can't complain, but would make changes if i could --lol--ok on the 70's model, well, might need a tail gate too and some wheel covers for 15 inch wheels, this other truck i found is the little sister to my otehr 74 travelette, except it is a two door, 345, ps, pb, ac, custom cab, 8 ft bed, same color, unreal that i would end up with these two, but am tickled to death hi hi, glad things in texas are still ok for you !!! Cheers, lee

    Hey my IH brotha from anotha mutha. Found a 70's model near my work at a trans shop. It's been sitting there a couple years. Been hit on the PS door but other than that looks to be in good shape. Pretty sure it has that moulding you're needing but not sure about mirror. I'll stop in & inquire about it next week on a test drive. All is good on this front. How goes it witchu?
    Darn, sorry i wasn't there, mike, i was home working on the new 74, trying to get it ready for the road, thanks for the info
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