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Binder TV
  1. Tucker H

    Let’s Discuss Airbags on a 1310 Rear Axle…

    Would it be possible as a simple "bandaid" fix ???? To fabricate new ubolt plates to add a second set of rear shocks, so you can run the stock shocks and add a set of air shocks as well. Yes they wont be as strong as air bags but it would be something.
  2. Tucker H

    Treatment for old, rusty bolts before reusing

    I've been lazy, and busy!, but I was gonna just copy this guys design for a home built cyclone.
  3. Tucker H

    Wheel size

    They should work, maybe a little polishing on the hub flange if super tight.
  4. Tucker H

    Regular Maintenance tasks

    What if when I replaced the bearings and seals on my rear axle, I packed with grease, but also left the inner seal out to "oil bath" the bearings as well? Do I still pull and repack with grease? Or just keep an eye on the oil level in the rear axle?
  5. Tucker H


    If its general maintenance, find the shop the older car clubs use, if you need specific work done, contact Doug Scott of Scott IH Services in Lebanon, TN or if you dont might a little farther drive Levi Archambault of Old Iron Offroad in Crossville, TN..... there is I think another IH shop...
  6. Tucker H

    Scout II Automatic Plastic Shifter Console

    I'd imagine a place to slide your phone or loose change into would he nice, makwnit big enough to place your wallet in it as well? I dont think a cup holder would fit to well, unless it sits on top of the right side face.
  7. Tucker H

    Opinions on differential lockers?

    It was recommended to me to run Yukon Dura Grip positraction limited slip units both front and rear so I got them.
  8. Tucker H

    Thermostat recommendatiom

    Yeah I had to test 4 Mr. Gasket brand thermostats to find a good one, I'd recommend the Milodon or the Robertshaw style the light line dealers sell.
  9. Tucker H


    Or National 216, 217 is a little thicker.
  10. Tucker H

    At what tire size should you consider a gear change?

    So my scout, a 79 terra currently sports a 345 4bbl, 727, d20 and 3.54 gears and Cooper STT Pro 31x10.50s. I'm picking up a set of 3.07 axles, to have C&T'd and fully rebuilt to swap into my scout, because I like to get out and cruise. I'd prefer to take this thing on much longer trips then...
  11. Tucker H

    At what tire size should you consider a gear change?

    So your telling me, the 3.07 gear axles I'm gonna get rebuilt wont be good for offroad? 😥 I really just want them for daily driving and a highway cruiser, if I need a little go offroad I'll just use 4L and take it easy.
  12. Tucker H

    Rear Dana 44 inner seals?

    When I redid my rear axle bearings, I left the inner seal out as well, and to insure oil stays at the bearings, i filled the diff up till it poured out the fill hole, then I jacked on side of the axle up about an inch or two to allow oil to run down one side. Then topped it off with a little...
  13. Tucker H

    Clean windows

    Worked at a restaurant in high school, they had alot of windows over looking the river, we always used windex and coffee filters to clean the windows.
  14. Tucker H

    Fuel pressure regulator

    What would be the difference between a fpr with a tank return port and a fuel filter with a 1/4" return port?
  15. Tucker H

    PS Pump Pulley off centered for a over 48 years?

    Cast after a holiday weekend?