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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. timscout1

    AZIHR 2020

    Sorry to hear this but it will give me the time to give "TUG" a bath, new makeup and a manicure. Ten years of hard use has him tired and ashamed to be seen in public, he does not want to win the ugliest award!
  2. timscout1


    If the T36 is the one that has the 4-5 split close then it is a T36. Old IH site says it is T36, site I found ratios on said T35 but for rebuild parts should make no difference.
  3. timscout1


    It came out of a 72 1210 with 392 and is a syncro'ed five speed direct with the close ratio 4th to fifth. Everything I have found says it is. What else might it be???
  4. timscout1


    I plan on that before I pull it, I am too smart to not to. I put the heavy sob in and was a pain to do.
  5. timscout1


    My 1973 Travellete has a T35 xmission in it and it jumps out of 4th gear when you let up on throttle, I can hold it in but takes quite a bit of force to do so. I figure either syncros or if I am lucky the shift detents but wanted to get some other opinions before I take it out of truck.. Also...
  6. timscout1

    Tailgate for 80 or 800

    Since it looks like you are in PHX.? there are some there, otherwise I have several in Page AZ. will look at them this weekend and see the condition for what you want.
  7. timscout1

    Headlights burnt out in minutes

    Why has nobody said to check your ground connections all the way to battery?? A bad ground can cause bulbs to burn out since at times, depending on where a bad ground or a grounded hot wire(short) it it can cause both elements to come on at once or even route the electric thru all bulbs so...
  8. timscout1

    1973 Scout II 304 Emissions Control Removal

    Learned this myself by trial and error years ago and use it on all my IH vehicles and it really makes a difference along with upgrading the ignition system and plug gaps and style. I call it tuning to run and have not used factory tuning specs. for years.
  9. timscout1

    sd-33 starting problem

    Is it puffing white smoke while cranking?? If not could be a air leak in a line or bad injector , either of which can cause the engine to lose it's prime. I would make sure the electric pump is running and pumping fuel. These were added by PO'S who usually needed help with priming and/or a tired...
  10. timscout1

    1939 D 60 U.S.M.C. Survivor

    These guys can probably help you alot! OLD truck site:
  11. timscout1

    1310 gas to diesel questions

    Forgot to add that I run 255X85X16 tires for overdrive effect.
  12. timscout1

    1310 gas to diesel questions

    I have the same specs in my 73 1210 Travelette except for the OD and my truck get 12 empty towing heavy trailer and 7-8 loaded to 24,000 gross. I would trade your OD for a direct with the close ratio 4-5 (T36) I think and then I would carefully tune the 392, right down to plug gap and to running...
  13. timscout1

    2015 Website Redesign

    Much better with clear explanations, I like it.
  14. timscout1

    Newest Addition To The Family: A L200 RD 450

    neat old trucks but only get about 4-5 mpg. drove several when young
  15. timscout1

    1971 international pickup trans options

    If it has a 5 speed YOU MUST get the bellhousing, and clutch throw out bearing and linkage they are much different than the 4 speeds. I love the T36 close ratio in my Travelette.