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Recent content by TheScoutMaster

  1. TheScoutMaster

    Need some help fabricating

    I can weld and cut, fabricate, have all the tools, but I had a change in situation and vehicle I was restoring will be in storage away from my home, which my yard is not big enough to store it, plus I just finished shooting it and dont have covered parking fir it, rather not have the sun rot the...
  2. TheScoutMaster

    Need HELP on scout ii wiper motor - out of phase

    So I took the motor apart cleaned everything and put the painted arms on and the assembly seems to be 90 degrees out. So if the wiper arms are sticking straight up to the sky and I turn the switch they go down to the windshield / cowl rubber lip, but when switched off the stop at the pointing to...
  3. TheScoutMaster

    Scout II door lock cylinder removal

    I believe you have to pull the lock wedge thing out first and the lock and square lock rod come out. On the side of your door, by the lock, you should see a sheet metal tang that you pull out, release the lock assembly. Once out, I believe you should see a small hole on the lock housing itself...
  4. TheScoutMaster

    1980 rallye stripe

    Why not have a "wrapper" take a look at the picture and duplicate?
  5. TheScoutMaster

    wiper arm conversion Scout II

    Are these things the same color? One says gray the other silver...
  6. TheScoutMaster

    Anyone know of a speed sleeve and seal number for the manual steering box?

    For a 1974 SII? Seems I have a groove on the shaft and it is leaking fluid. Thanks.
  7. TheScoutMaster

    wiper arm conversion Scout II

    SWEET!!!!! I painted my old ones, but this is even better. So do I use the 12" blades for both sides? Thanks!!!!
  8. TheScoutMaster

    Starting issues - 1973 Scout II I6-258

    Or just tie the on for the pump through a relay connected to the ignition.
  9. TheScoutMaster

    Starting issues - 1973 Scout II I6-258

    The other thing I would do is disconnect the fuel line to the carb and place in can. Crank over and see if you are getting good fuel flow. If not, you may have issues with a plugged sock or crap in the tank. I ended up plugging the OEM manual fuel pump with a small sheet metal cap (with rtv to...
  10. TheScoutMaster

    Starting issues - 1973 Scout II I6-258

    Nope no issue. I have a used weber 32/36 that ran perfect before I did the engine swap and went with a 4 bbl. Let me know if interested, will be putting that, and a I6 shroud, oil cooler, etc. on ebay here soon. The weber I have comes with the remote air cleaner and snorkel, box of jets, and has...
  11. TheScoutMaster

    Alternator question

    Cant remember... hahahah. I know I connected all the wires that were on either side of the ammeter together, and spliced a voltmeter off of it.
  12. TheScoutMaster

    LED Alt idiot light.

    Do you have a schematic?
  13. TheScoutMaster

    Alternator question

    With all the alternator type posts, I got to thinking. When I rewired my Scout II, I added all new after market gauges. I spliced the ammeter wires together - all the wires that connected to the OEM ammeter, and then shrink wrapped it, etc. and ran a voltmeter off of it. As far as the two wire...
  14. TheScoutMaster

    LED Alt idiot light.