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  • Ha, well its hard to miss an IH in Palo Alto! Not like there are many... Yea I have had my eye on that one on Cowper for years... My buddy lived around the corner on Waverley at Seale... I also have a yellow '73 1310 with a flatbed and toolboxes that I drive most every day now. But no, I wasnt parked at the church a few weekends ago. Must be someone else?
    But yea, my 1200a is all stock. I have 1100-16 6 ply steel belted Michelin tires on my original 16" split ring wheels (about 38" tall, pretty crazy). I used to work at a shop on Park blvd, Park Automotive (by Frys) and I do all my work over there. It sucks Anything Scout is gone, they were a good place to go for IH parts...
    Anyway, funny to see another guy on here from PA, we are far and few between!
    Hi Tim. Yes that is me. It is probably pretty hard to miss a truck with an 8.5 foot long turquois bed. I think I have seen your 1200a around. Were you parked in the Lutheran church a couple of weekends ago? If that was not you... there is another guy running around. I know there is a nice crew cab International pickup at 2040 Cowper. Never seen it move. I am working to get my ride a little more road worthy. I also have a great mechanic that I can recommend if you are looking for one. I needed a bit of help fixing up seals and all and he is originally from Palo Alto! Pretty funny. Please let me know if you want me to pass on his name/number. He used to work at Anything Scout when it was on Independence Blvd. years ago. For your six lug... are you running split rims on 16inch? or do you have some other configuration. I had never heard of 19.5 or 20inch rims until the reply to my post. Those sound pretty stout. Thanks for the note.
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