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Binder TV
  1. For Sale

    For Sale

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    Hoods for sale
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    1978 Fender For Sale
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    1973 Fender For Sale
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  9. Tate810

    SS II Hard Top

    I've got one along with the receipt that was purchased used in the early 80's along with the fiberglass doors.
  10. Tate810

    SSII Parts For Sale

    EVERYTHING IS SOLD Few parts I am not going to use Door Inserts with hinge pieces, 1 inner has a crack Soft top frame and hoops Soft doors, 1 pair windows foggy, 1 nice pair Gas tank skid plate Like to sell as a package
  11. Tate810

    Latest update on the Super Scout Registry

    I appreciate that, the lineset tickets get a bit confusing once you get past the basic info.
  12. Tate810

    Latest update on the Super Scout Registry

    Your very welcome, I was pretty excited to get the opportunity to buy it knowing how few and far between the SSII's are let alone the Rancher's. Gold Star Rancher?
  13. Tate810

    Latest update on the Super Scout Registry

    Here is a copy of my '77 Rancher LST.
  14. Tate810

    Flywheel Drive Adapter

    Does anyone have the adapter/ spacer that goes between the cast iron flywheel on a SD33T and the 727 flexplate? Bought a Scout II that had the transmission and flywheel removed by the previous owner and I did not receive the adapter or flywheel bolts. Thanks in advance!
  15. Tate810

    Starter Studs

    Your a rock star thanks!
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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group