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2024 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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  • Just noticed you also live in MA. I am on the NH border. Any scout meets coming up in NE? I have a 1980 CVI and a 1979 Midas if you are still gathering info. Let me know. Dino
    Thanks stroker, I guess if there is another impromptu get together of New England guys just keep me in mind. Glad you like the truck, had her out otday for a few errands, it is a blast to drive. I think I have the bug bad lol.
    Hey Stroker, just read through your thread about Kenndy's seat and noticed your from Mass. I'm from Southern Conn. If you know of any sites/clubs/get togethers for scout owners on the East Coast please let me know. I notice that out west Scout owners grow on trees, but not so much out our way.
    hey ray, just wondering if you had a break from the snow to get a quote on the grills. this would really help me out, and i can send money whenever. i tried to email you, but both times didn't go through. please let me know what you found out. thanks so much,

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