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  1. ss2

    1946 K1 Metro Restoration Thread

    Thats actually not a dent in the roof. Its a weird reflection in the picture. The hole in the step up is in the inside of the van. There is plenty to do in there still. I was working on the outside only. As for the gap in the rocker I can seal that if you want but it will rust worse with it...
  2. ss2

    ****New Meeting Location

    Put the word out. IHSTO will be moving our meeting location. The noise has been getting worse at the current one. Last meeting was the last straw. We have found a location that we think will work lots better. Its called Elmers. Elmer's Restaurants - Breakfast Lunch & Dinner You take...
  3. ss2

    Passing of an Icon

    Friends and IH brothers. We were just notified that Ernie Bisio passed away on July 1 2011. His obituary will be posted in the Oregonian later this week.
  4. ss2

    Feb 19th Road Rallye

    Looks like the cost of museum is $9. We are still looking into a group rate. We will be meeting at the market in Carlton at 9:00AM from there we will take Nestucca River Scenic byway to Beaver. From Beaver we will head past Sand Lake to Cape Lookout and on to Tillamook. Looks like about 75 mi...
  5. ss2

    Feb 19th Road Rallye

    Here is a link to this months Road Rallye. It should be awesome. Tillamook Air Museum In 1942, the U.S. Navy began construction of 17 wooden hangars to house the K-class blimps being used for anti-submarine coast patrol and convoy escort. Two of these hangars were built at the...
  6. ss2

    Road Rallye

    Doc, Our Road Rallyes are just short day trips. Some of last years were trips to the coast to visit a local brewery. We also hit a air and auto museum in Hood River. It really is just an excuse to get out and drive our IHs. :D Having a "Road Rallye" is a way to involve all the IHs and not...
  7. ss2

    Captain's Log 1.6.2011

    Well we are off to a great start this year. We had a great first of 2011 meeting. We heard from Kurt about the final outcome of our IHSTO adopted family. Once again it was a huge success. As a club we really made a difference in this family's life. That is something that as a member you can...
  8. ss2

    IHSTO January meeting Thursday the 6th

    Start the year off right and join us for the first meeting of the year. This meetings program will be "The Little Pink Scout" By Monte Lauer Meeting starts at 7:30. But get there early for some tire kickin and BSing. :beer: PIETRO'S PIZZA 1637 HAWTHORNE NE SALEM, OR 97301 Take I-5...
  9. ss2

    1946 K1 Metro Restoration Thread

    5x4 1/2 is the lug pattern.
  10. ss2

    Captain's Log 11.4.2010

    Well another great IHSTO meeting is in the books. We had a great turn out of the usual suspects plus 2 new members. :beer: We had a report from the Fall Rallye attendees and heard some of the highlights of the show. It sounds like once again it was a fun time. I will be heading down next year...
  11. ss2

    1946 K1 Metro Restoration Thread

    Ok it's time to get this thread rollin. :D Getting 9 rigs ready for the Binder Bee has kept me from working on this for longer then I can stand. All my junk is home from the show and most of it is put away. So I now can focus on Geoff's Metro. I started on the pasanger side step and...
  12. ss2

    OBDR 2010: Steens Mountains

    Yep. These are the dates. Should be a fun trip...:beer:
  13. ss2

    Captain's Log 06.03.2010

    A link to last night’s meeting can be found here. Great to see all of you. :beer:
  14. ss2

    Looking for the owner of 6 door Travelall

    I'm pretty sure he is from WA. I will PM you the email I have for him. I don't think he is on any of the boards much. He is usualy at the Great Western Binder Bee every year though.
  15. ss2

    Maybenville Caravan Senic Route

    For those of you that would like to caravan down to Maybens with us. We will me meeting at the Home Place in Silverton at 9:30am Saturday morning. Post up if we should expect you. :beer: