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  1. Snowbinder

    how about a "working Harvester thread?"

    Yep, the driveway gets icy and it's all uphill. Then it gets warm this time of year and the base layer turns into four inches of greasy schmoo. Chains on all four makes a huge difference and tears up the ice layer so I'm not just polishing it with each pass. And yeah, it's the perfect size for a...
  2. Snowbinder

    how about a "working Harvester thread?"

    Clearing snow since '63!
  3. Snowbinder

    Aluminum Wheel Install

    Yeah, that's sketchy. And those rims do look like they need mag-style (shoulder/washer) lug nuts. Some aluminum wheels have tapered seats installed so they take normal lug nuts, but those don't look like they're set up like that. And I can understand wanting to track down steel wheels rather...
  4. Snowbinder

    Internal cavity rust converter/preventative

    +1 on not spraying bedliner into a box section. If it sticks, it's great, but if the adhesion isn't perfect it'll lift and cause more problems. I just painted a frame on a neighbor's '66 Chevy with bed liner, but it's a C channel, so if it doesn't adhere, it doesn't have any drain holes to plug...
  5. Snowbinder

    1963 Scout 80 needs axle advice

    Do a little messing around with it in stock form, see where it falls short, and plan from there. Our '63 has the 152 with a Weber carb and it's as much as the truck needs for plowing snow (low range is a wonderful thing). If I was going to upgrade something on it for highway use, it would...
  6. Snowbinder

    Ever broke a D27 or D30?

    Front D27, '63 80 snowplow. Spider gears. Cause of death: wrong tires (31" ATs on ice, might as well have been racing slicks) and the loose nut behind the steering wheel (points at self with thumbs) shock-loading the front end. I was stuck facing downhill into a snow pile, didn't have the...
  7. Snowbinder

    Getting a 77 Scout 2 out of a field

    Also check the frame for magnetic key holders. I found a pair of keys taped up in the wiring harness in the engine bay of a CJ5. No idea how long they'd been there.
  8. Snowbinder

    Getting a 77 Scout 2 out of a field

    The missing oil cap is a little worrying. Might want to pull that valve cover and make sure nothing's nested under it before trying to start the engine.
  9. Snowbinder

    Potential new own - sanity check please

    Interesting air cleaner setup. I haven't had our '63 anywhere near highway speed and I don't intend to change that any time soon.
  10. Snowbinder

    Prestolite distributor - base gasket and thrust washer sources?

    I'm very familiar with that snapping noise while taking something apart. It's never good news. That broken plate looks like a fairly easy shape to replicate if you've got a grinder, some files, and some scrap plastic. A hammer and a brass rod is probably your best bet on the shaft. Shoot some...
  11. Snowbinder

    Replacing a rusted shock shaft, Bilstein 7100

    Thanks for the writeup! Some good info here, I'll save this in case I find myself working on something nicer than I'm used to. I like the nitrogen tank setup. Having lived with these for a while, and now rebuilt them, are they still better than regular shocks? Obviously being able to recharge...
  12. Snowbinder

    Replacing a rusted shock shaft, Bilstein 7100

    That would be cool! Youtube's nice but sometimes it's better to see something without a crappy backing track and the neighbor's dog barking in the background.
  13. Snowbinder

    Replacing a rusted shock shaft, Bilstein 7100

    I've pulled a few sets of roached OE shocks off 20+ year old vehicles and never seen one rusted like that. Those all have a metal shield protecting the shaft from rock chips, but that shaft is so hard that I'd be surprised if a little road spray did anything to it. I've clamped a bench vise on...
  14. Snowbinder

    Heater Ducts

    Thanks JJ, that's quite a writeup! Later model, though, with a different heater, and it doesn't look like he's got it hooked up yet. Jeff, they carry the thinner hoses, or... ?