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  1. Shdtrfxtmn1

    No spark

    Do you fellers feel like he should adjust the timing by ear or light. And if by ear (my choice), how you go about it. I personally run it advanced enough to get pre-ignition (spark knock) when on hiway hard pull, then back off just enough to stop the ping. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. Shdtrfxtmn1

    No spark

    If you have fire at the coil, rotor, cap, plug wire is all that is left. The coil wire brings the electric to the cap center. If connected well, thence to rotor and out through the cap to the plug wire. The rotor should be pointing to a specific plug wire when it fires. Could distributor be...
  3. Shdtrfxtmn1

    No spark

    Rotor on correct? Cap on correct? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  4. Shdtrfxtmn1

    No spark

    So much swinging in the breeze there..... Cap shorting out, coil wire, rotor, points not CLEAN, points not proper adjustment? Check those things. That is a start. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  5. Shdtrfxtmn1

    Water Pump Pully for Power Steering

    Wayne, my 75 Travelall, 150 with 392 drives the PS pump from crankshaft. The outside diameter of the crank pulley is 7". PS pump pulley is 5" od. The AC compressor is run on the third groove of water pump pulley. I don't know if that is how it left the factory...... Sent from my Nexus 5X...
  6. Shdtrfxtmn1

    New member S-120

    Like they said, welcome. It is a lovely rig. Please be sure to use a correct modern oil in it. I tore up two perfectly good Chevrolet motors putting to heavy viscosity motor oil in. They were "dip and hope" to be fair. If you find the appendage attached to front bumper in your way, I will...
  7. Shdtrfxtmn1

    Got another Travelall!

    I don't understand taking a photo before a bath..... Beautiful rig. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  8. Shdtrfxtmn1

    D series mirrors

    My opinion the mirrors that are not OEM look not OEM. I like looking into the mirrors mounted out near the front of the fenders. They are wonderful for looking behind you. They look kinda stupid. The OEM mirrors are just fine if you are not towing anything much. I like the look, and they...
  9. Shdtrfxtmn1

    Farmall Super A shifter stuck

    Howdy fellers. The pin under the weather cap on shifter needs to be removed. It is a 3/8 pin with a 1/2" freeze type plug holding it in place. Knock the freeze plug in the center with a 1/4 inch punch. Then need to fix end of shifter. Put the top back on transmission before something gets in...
  10. Shdtrfxtmn1

    Making 2 800A's into 1

    My two cents as follows. Get out your cutting blade on your little side grinder. On the 6 cylinder rig, leave the salvageable part of it intact. Once the cancer has been removed, you are able to clearly see what portions of the donor are needed. The other choice is total sheet metal disassembly...
  11. Shdtrfxtmn1

    Any one in/near Lebanon

    New here. Can't type either. Happy to get/hold tools. In Madison TN. Thirty min from Lebanon.
Binder TV
Binder TV