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  • I am in the process of buying the parts ti swap my Sml block Chevrolet to a 5.3 LS. I currently have the 4spd T-19. I would like advice on the different options I have for keeping a manual or going to an automatic. I have a NP-246 transfer case. But it's not a NP-246, can I use my version or will I need another transfer case?
    Tree 55
    If I were you I would keep the transfer case and get custom made shafts
    I replaced an existing gas filter between pump and carb. .... I had finally gotten her to purr idle ..
    I am trying to replace the old metal filter with one that I could see the fuel flow ... I can see that the filter is not quite full of gas i.e. an air pocket exists but the tube in and out is below the gas line in the filter. Maybe I have to funnel the line full to the carb when I change filters?
    Trying to respond and start a conversation with you on Huldy.. (has a winch in front that's not showing in pic)..
    I don't understand if this is a conversation with you alone or do messages always go thru the general ... just curious..
    Have a copy of a Line Setting Ticket Sequence Number D 8479 ; Engine Number 44762 and Chassis Number FC 38098.
    not sure what hudly is? for conversations here on BP, click on INBOX then conversations.
    Huldy is a ''63 Scout 80 that has decided she won't start.. I'm heading to inbox.. Appreciate ... Have not figured communication
    My post didn't post. I have a leaky cowl. I'm considering some kind of fiberglass repair. In the nearish future I would like to buy a welder but even if I had one right now learning on sheet metal seems like a bad idea. I'm open to suggestions, though.
    Jerry, check the "for sale" area if you are still interested. I posted some better pictures and asked the group for fair prices. I didn't advertise for sale so you have dibs.
    Saw your post about the emblems. I'm on here more than the other forum. I still have them. In fact they were extra ones put on my Ambo so really no need for them...
    Scout2000, i am in the process of buying a 1970 Scout 800B and would love to get a few minutes of your time. can i call you? i will be in DFW Tues/Wed if you have a minute as well.
    Jerry, I have a new set of Warn manual locking hubs for a scout II. David in Canton. Goodwin has my number.
    i sell you an original DEALER necessories book ! ? $100 shpd. jeff
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    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for the offer. I have a general idea, but I have no specific information as to what is in this catalog. At this point, I really just want to see what is in it.

    $100.00 seems a little steep for an accessories catalog, but maybe it is something completely different from what I am envisioning.
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