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Recent content by Scottiebell

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. Scottiebell

    Greenville Lunch this week?

    Ima need to move to greenville. I live in a town full of IH Lame asses apparently. :tt2: Maybe i can make one of these on a vacation day. I love driving my scout, and it's only about 2 hours away if i'm correct. Will be no sweat for me, or my scout. :punk:
  2. Scottiebell

    Rebuilding a 304

    Subscribed. This is an awesome write-up. Cant wait to see it together, and find out the results. Great Job. :punk:
  3. Scottiebell

    Inherited Scout 80 - New to site

    Welcome, beautiful Scout 800. :punk: Awesome group here always ready to help.
  4. Scottiebell

    Win a free BINDER PLANET T Shirt

    XXL North Carolina
  5. Scottiebell

    Get Together?

    My first attempt at getting a bunch of us together failed miserably. Then, i couldn't make it to the autofair. I have an idea that i think is cool. The first Saturday of every month, pilot mountain has the hot night, hot car cruise in. I think i will be attempting to get to the July 7th cruise...
  6. Scottiebell

    2 or 4 inch lift on 75 Scout?

    They flex pretty decent too, Heres a pic testing my lockers right before i painted it and moved to NC. The front sway bar was still bolted on, so the front is hanging, but it flexes great in the front too when sway bar is disconnected.
  7. Scottiebell

    2 or 4 inch lift on 75 Scout?

    My 75 Scout with a 4" Rough Country Lift. Tossed the springs in, the shocks, and the wheels. No muss no fuss. Rides a little rougher, but didnt mess with any angles, shims, or brake lines. Drives straight as an arrow with my thumb and fore finger. Top image is with 31's, bottom 2 are with 33's
  8. Scottiebell

    engine oil pressure gauge at zero

    Had your scout been sitting a while before you started it and got the loud lifter tap? Mine does that every once in a while when its just been sitting. Not being a smarty pants, but have you checked your oil? I run a quart more than it calls for, also sometimes my guage wire doesnt make great...
  9. Scottiebell

    Reverse lights

    Awesome, thanks, i'll give it a try.
  10. Scottiebell

    Reverse lights

    My scout was originally a 3 speed manual. It has since been converted to a TF727 in case my lil woman had to drive it. I have the new reverse light, neutral safety plug i received a while back from SSS. I do not however know how to wire it in. Any one know how to work this out?
  11. Scottiebell

    A little help Maybe?

    LOL, i know, i wired my last one. But i owned that house. I am renting here for my first 16 months. The leasing company will only ok installation if done by a real live electrician.
  12. Scottiebell

    A little help Maybe?

    Some things happened and i didnt think i was going to make it to the Auto Fair. :oops: With a pleasant turn of events, it looks like i will make it :clap: but i have things to get done to the scout before then. I was thinking maybe i could reach out for a hand or 9 to get stuff done. LOL...
  13. Scottiebell

    The Official SEBA goes to the Charlotte AutoFair Thread

    Im not gonna make it. :no: Life Happens. Shootin for next year. You all have fun.
  14. Scottiebell

    Scouts & Hooters Lunch Concord

    Turns out i have family coming in, and we will be going camping. Maybe with a betteridea as of when and where , and at a later date ( Maybe late next month) we can make this happen. Ill see you all at the dixie regionals.