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  1. Scott Sinner

    Scout 80 vs 800 axles question

    Looks like a closed knuckle D-27 front end and a tapered axle D-44 rear end to me...
  2. Scott Sinner

    4-link suspension questions

    I'll weigh in... I have the rear 4-link on coils, and radius arm with panhard and coil overs on the front. There is no comparison to the ride quality with my old stock suspension. I was running 35"s with a sawsall lift and about 8" shackles on the front. I wanted to build a multipurpose...
  3. Scott Sinner

    Odd 727 Behavior (long)

    Ahem..... Isn't odd how you're so free with the beers for all of your helpers thousands of miles away... And forget to remember the little people in town... That helped... And are thirsty...:no: .
  4. Scott Sinner

    Odd 727 Behavior (long)

    This means it comes out of the truck?
  5. Scott Sinner

    Odd 727 Behavior (long)

    Again, glad I could help and of course, use any parts you need.
  6. Scott Sinner

    Odd 727 Behavior (long)

    What kind of truck do you have this tranny in? Glad I could help.
  7. Scott Sinner

    New design for rear 4 link

    The front is done.
  8. Scott Sinner

    New design for rear 4 link

    The front is under way... Carefull, it's on Pirate.:no:
  9. Scott Sinner

    Any Coil spring and Four Link Guru's

    Correction.... I reread my 4-link thread and I was running the lower holes and relocated up to reduce the rear steer. Look at post #104 on my adjustments
  10. Scott Sinner

    Any Coil spring and Four Link Guru's

    This one? If so, it's a lot like mine and the adjustment is good.
  11. Scott Sinner

    Any Coil spring and Four Link Guru's

    If.... If I were going to look at anything, I would look at longer upper links by moving the frame end of the upper links forward (to the front of the rig). My AS numbers are pretty similar to your posted numbers, I am more netural on the oversteer numbers and I think that is likley because...
  12. Scott Sinner

    coilovers on Scout

    I do believe it is possible... I will be installing a 3 link in a couple of weeks. I have a rear 4 link build in my sig, take a look.
  13. Scott Sinner

    My Scout thinks it is so dang funny...

    I love that feature in my Scout, I started parking in on the gravel side yard 10 years ago, and now its asphalt. You know your a redneck when...
  14. Scott Sinner

    Coils vs Coilovers

    I sure like my 4-link with coils. If funds were no object, I'd probably use coilovers. I used 14" 2-1/2" coilover springs and they are working for the wheeling I do. If I wanted more travel, I'd look at 3" x 18" coils. These narrow c/o springs are likly not as "active" as other springs...
  15. Scott Sinner

    McGrew Trail Run 8/9,10

    Ok All you cool cats out there, here's one happenin' time for the trail log for the Mcgrew trail. If it looks like nothing but my rig, it's because, this is an IH site and it was just my rig and the Toyota, and we al know what Toyotas look like. The Video is a little over 7 minutes, but...