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  1. Scott H

    LED tail lights???

    Try a Grote led flasher, part number, 44891. It has a wire on the top of the flasher that goes to a ground. It's for led lights in place of regular bulbs. Works for me as I add leds to my IH. You may need 2 for both flashers.
  2. Scott H

    Cub Cadet 147 Snow Removal

    What are you using for light's on it??? I want to put lights on my plow cub even though I don't need any as my drive is well lit and I have great night vision. But, that lighting you have is killer! It sucks I've not had a "real snow" yet this year that I need to get my 123 out to plow. It's...
  3. Scott H

    Rough idle, no power, timing off the charts.

    I've seen ones with a bad gold box act the same way.
  4. Scott H

    Theft alarms

    Fwi, the power door locks work great, alarm controls them. Not putting a switch in the truck for inside the truck for them. I will do a remote start alarm system in the Wife's Scout as it's going TBI next winter.
  5. Scott H

    Scout II ball joints

    Way back when I worked in the automtive side of things I did a lot of the ball joints the uppers only had grease points at the bottom. You installed them, greased, then pulled the zerk and installed a plug. Glad to see someone got smart. Next winter I'm replacing my upper ball joints because of...
  6. Scott H

    Theft alarms

    OK, ya pecker heads. I bought a viper alarm. Installed it, tested it, good to go. I also bought a power door lock kit, yet to install as I'm installing a new audio system. Nothing I'll really turn on and use as my music is my exhaust note. I'll buy and install the same system in the wife's...
  7. Scott H

    where to find headers for a 345

    I'm looking for a set of stans tri y headders for my Scout 2 with a 345........
  8. Scott H

    Thermoquad Carb Rebuild

  9. Scott H

    I am still at a loss as to why people just google ih parts and only look at the first 1 or 3 results they see?? I just tried it, WTF? A stock, fuel fill neck for 300 bucks?? It says it's a repop part, are you kidding me, I have 4 in my parts bin that would take less than an hour to clean, paint...
  10. Scott H

    New American Auto wire Scout II harness

    Good comment. As for #1, I have found that the best voltage referance comes from mid point in most systems. No under charge or under charge that way. Back in the old days before led lighting, and when I drove my Scout year round, it was pulling about 90 amps at idle with almost a full...
  11. Scott H

    New American Auto wire Scout II harness

    The "side" that I'm talking about says I've worked in that field, IE, auto, marine, factory or what ever job. Those of that are tech's refer to different fields as to what we worked in. IE, I worked in the automotive field, or the automotive side of things, ect.
  12. Scott H

    73 scout with big lift and 35/13.5/15's

    I'm running 32x12.5 15 tires on the wife's Traveler with stock rims. stock 120,000 mile springs, with worn out spring bushings, no bump stops to speak of the front tires rubbed the rear back of the front fenders on a hard turn with a bump. All new everything suspension wise not even close to...
  13. Scott H

    New American Auto wire Scout II harness

    I just had time to watch his install vid this morning. Watched it twice because the wife kept needing me do to something before we went to the Legion for our yearly gathering. Very good vid, well done. That said, it "looks" pricey, but the ease of install he showed makes up for it. I have...
  14. Scott H

    Vapor Canister Replacement

    Are you doing restoration per point or trying to get it on the road?
  15. Scott H

    Vapor Canister Replacement

    I see an ac/delco part number on that canister.
2023 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
2023 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous