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  1. Scott H

    Too Many Ads

    What add's ?? I have never had one add pop up, ever. I use my gaming pc, the deck top in the shop, my phone. my old and new lap top, never any issues here. Or any were else for that matter.
  2. Scott H

    Scout 2 windshield spects

    Anyone have a spec sheet or a pdf for the correct size for a factory windshield glass for a Scout 2? I installed a new gasket this weekend using the current glass until I paint it. Old gasket was so bad you could not drive it in a hard rain as it would leak, lol. It was so bad I had to cut the...
  3. Scott H

    Scout identification and questions

    They made a Scout that didn't have leaf springs???? What a shock!!
  4. Scott H

    After Market Gauge ?

    ?? Several company's make gauges that are mechanical that fit anything. I have mechanical gauges in my Scout. One thing to take note of is the oil pressure gauge, most come with a plastic line. Throw it in the trash, get a copper line kit. Never an issue in 20 plus years. What racers use...
  5. Scott H

    Idea how to prevent overcurrent from upgraded alternator.

    I'll just say an amp gauge is from the days of a generator. That said generator(or 10si/12si alt) might output around 37/55 amp's at best, stock. Run at least an 8 gauge wire from the alt to the battery, bypass the dash amp gauge, weakest point in the system in an IH. I do get the point of...
  6. Scott H

    Wanna hear a cool story?

    Without looking under it, maybe, maybe, 4-5 k if it's daily driver quality?? Looks nice, but what's hiding under it? How well did they do what they did?? Did they pull the front fenders, check for rust, ect at the bottom of each? How well does it run and drive is the big question.
  7. Scott H

    Replacement headlights

    What ever head lights you pick, run them off relays fused at the battery. My Scout has 4 H lights, wife's sealed beams, but both are relayed. If she says her sealed beams are great at night that's something as she hates driving at night.
  8. Scott H

    Scout II Windshield

    What jeff c said! He is a great guy(coonrod), he will treat you right. If your windshield frame is not too bad and you have time and the skills, fix it. they are getting rare. Glass, depends on how old the glass is. Most old glass is pitted from daily drive over the years. If you plan on...
  9. Scott H

    Hydro boost, Scout 2 users

    And I'll add this. But for a few replies, the reply's in this thread is why I don't post much of anything here any more.
  10. Scott H

    Hydro boost, Scout 2 users

    The same here, best mod I have ever done on my Scout, brake wise. But I would like a bit better rear brake "grab" than I currently have. Maybe, just me buying a "newer" car that has big 4 wheel disc brakes? I am more than happy with my hydro boost system, just looking for a bit more. That...
  11. Scott H

    Hydro boost, Scout 2 users

    Stop quoting google search results.
  12. Scott H

    Hydro boost, Scout 2 users

    "If the rear brakes aren't working well you actually get less weight transfer and less nose dive." "???" Not true. No rear brakes, nose dive., only rear brakes, rear kinda squats, does not really stop quick, no nose "dive" at all. "Residual valves like adjustable valves are cheap enough you...
  13. Scott H

    Hydro boost, Scout 2 users

    Yes I do, but both are factory systems. Each (IH and astro van) worked "ok" ish, in my view. There has to be a way to dial in both to work like brakes "should", IE, you hammer the stop pedal, the truck "should squat evenly" I bought a car for a daily driver, my first one in 20 years this...
  14. Scott H

    Hydro boost, Scout 2 users

    Yes I did. Been wanting to do this conversion for a few years, I did research everything 4 times, lol. I drove the donor van, owned one as well, both liked to nose dive while hard breaking, I don't like that. Looking for a better way without going aftermarket. Not that i don't like...
  15. Scott H

    Hydro boost, Scout 2 users

    I did the conversion because my cam and head work (IH 345)does not make enough vaccum for good power brakes in stop and go traffic. That and I have less money converting to hydro boost than buying a replacement vaccum booster that might work for the warranty?. And replacement ones are crap...