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  1. scorp1us

    Reluctor moved?

    I just had this problem too. Looks like you really need to stake/glue/weld the shafts together. It would run ok sometimes but not others, because it depends on where on the shaft the reluctor is sitting.
  2. scorp1us

    Repeated loss of multiple cylinders

    I figured what it was. The two parts of the distributor shaft of the distributor came loose. Depending on what happened, it would either get back to the right position or be very retarded. The set screw I had wore a groove in the shaft. I added another, deeper one. Before I just filed it flat...
  3. scorp1us

    Repeated loss of multiple cylinders

    A few weeks ago, I was driving home and it definitely felt like I had a missing cylinder. It's been an occasional, reliable driver for the past 3 years. I spend a good amount of time getting it trouble shot: - I got the ESC tested (pass) - New cap, rotor, and plugs - Timing light (I noticed...
  4. scorp1us

    Take 20 key turns to crank over

    Well, Occam's Razor. It was the ignition switch. I wish I'd have known that before I spent time (and money) putting in a new starter. Given the relative low cost ($15) and simplicity, I don't know why this isn't first.
  5. scorp1us

    Take 20 key turns to crank over

    I replaced the NSS and starter... and the problem continues to get worse. I'm thinking whatever contact it makes when I turn the key it makes is bad. Each time I hear the solenoid click, but the starter doesn't turn. But like I said, I just replaced the entire starter today. What could it be?
  6. scorp1us

    Air cleaner gasket part numbers

    Thanks. I picked up some 5/16 for $3.
  7. scorp1us

    Air cleaner gasket part numbers

    It is easy to find the lower Carb/Cleaner gasket, but I don't know if there are other gaskets around the air filter itself. But the real reason why I am starting this thread is the thick air cleaner cover gasket is brittle and missing pieces. I have the FSM, but I can't find a part # for it...
  8. scorp1us

    Anco wipers go to 15!

    If you have the Anco retrofit wipers, they will work on J hook wipers up to 15". The industry apparently has a standard mating for different sizes. 16" will not latch. Thought I'd pass this along. Besides 15" barely fit anyway.
  9. scorp1us

    Dipstick tube mods with Stan's headers

    I don't have the tri-y, but i had to add some bends. This meant that i needed to use a 350 dipstick which is thinner and proper spring steel.
  10. scorp1us

    Would this make a good solid sate replacement for starter solenoid?

    Paul, your link doesn't work.
  11. scorp1us

    Would this make a good solid sate replacement for starter solenoid?

    If we're talking relays, the GM relay on a 94 is nice - it's shielded from the weather, whereas I have to replace my el cheapo 87a because it's rusting already. They ban be found on the firewall of GM trucks.
  12. scorp1us

    Weak wipers

    So I've seen threads on slow wipers. I'm not commenting on the speed, the speed is fine. But they are weak. When I give a small amount of assistance with just a finger they move plenty fast. Is this a motor issue? Maybe a retrofit with more windings is available? Or do i have to run a heavier...
  13. scorp1us

    Would this make a good solid sate replacement for starter solenoid?

    Well it's not the NSS. So I guess the solenoid is to blame.
  14. scorp1us

    "Quality" dash knobs?

    Well my dash went out last night. So I pulled on the head light switch, and it came back. I fiddled with it, tugging, rotating the dimmer in an organized fashion, as to ascertain the cause. While trying to keep the switch body from moving, the lights flickered as I rotated the dimmer, so that...
  15. scorp1us

    Post your dipstick length

    Excellent. Thank you very much!