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May 9, 2014
Mar 13, 2009
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Jul 15, 1968 (Age: 52)
Mustang, Ok
Water Plant Operator/ Water Well Maintenance

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Farmall Cub, 52, from Mustang, Ok

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May 9, 2014
    1. sullyscout77
      I know the place you're talking about. I think it's called Conservatec, or something like that. Don't know much about them, just drive by there once in awhile. Small world .
    2. W8CGQ
      Hi sammy, thanks for the mail, looked at the "ugly girl", granted she ain't much, but tell me more about the engine--any work done to it? How many miles? Compression test been done? You are in mustang, ok, right ? I could use the rear end too, give me some more info, sammy, we might have a deal---thanks again, best regards, lee
    3. 61_C-120
      Agreed Sammy. Thanks for the 'friend.' I am not sure how to return the favor but I will figure it out. Cheers, Brett
    4. Uncle Eddie
      Uncle Eddie
      Got to love Jaguar. I've got a 1960 Mark II Jag with the bomb proof 3.8 I6 waiting to be put back on the road. It is waiting for me in a garage in Idaho. It was parked in the mid 80's because of a leaky rear main seal. Sadly none of the fluids were drained, but its got new tires and all the trimmings!
    5. 35ihrod
      How's it going? I don't post much, so I'm surprised you found me. I say Muskogee, because It's the closest metropolis, but I'm actually out in the boonies being Indian and that whole thing. Stay cool.
    6. simpson tade baldo
      simpson tade baldo
      Hey there! thanks for the greetings! Maraming salamat!
    7. sammynomas
      Well, for some reason my six year old battery failed to start my pickup in the 16 degree weather this morning (thought batteries were supposed to last forever!). Actually didn't mind, cause I got to roll to work in the Park Avenue's HEATED seat!!! Looks like my Travelall will get to donate it's battery (if it is good!).
    8. sammynomas
      Woohoo! Now all I gotta find is a brake adjuster cable for my rear driver side and I'm back on the road with her!!!

      edit: and wheel seals........and turn the drums.......oh yea!

      edit: And get the CORRECT wheel cylinders.

      edit: And get the fourth wheel seal that shoulda arrived with the other 3 when I paid for all four......AND......AND......AND....

      I'm seeing a pattern here! My truck is teaching me patience and forgiveness!!!
    9. Johnnie v/d Walt
      Johnnie v/d Walt
      Hi Sammynomas,

      Thanks for the comments! The truck does have a little rust that needs fixing but nothing critical. I like the stepside short box it looks great on these trucks!

    10. 56 S120 4x4
      56 S120 4x4
      I have a whole set of 16" split rim "big six" wheels, is that the size you are looking for?
    11. bindermike
      Thanks! Yours looks pretty good too! Mine has a 345, and came originally with a T34 5-speed. Unfortunately, when I got it, it had a T-98 4-speed. I've swapped in a T-19 close ratio, so I've got a better 3-4 split and synchro first gear. I swapped in the axles from '73 1210, so I've got bigger brakes and 8-hole wheels. I've got an 8-1/2' bed and a 131" wheelbase. Right now, it's got power nuthin' and I kinda like that (parallel parking is ***** though!).

      I've got some upgrades planned for the near-term, but I'm keepin' 'em under my hat for right now.

      I see you're retired Army. I'm an active duty CW4, 22 years now (just kinda gettin the hang of it!).

      ttyl, Mike
    12. stefaan-c1200
      he hello
      the refrigerators is one from 1951 and the ather from 1952 small differences on the door
      the are both in working condition wihtout any work done to them.
      while the rest off the fleet the picture's need updating I have bouth a d 15 delivery and a tractor 10/20 both from the USA
      and I sold a 1942 ready power generater and a 1957 german tractor ih off course
      to make room for the the D-15
      And I sold my 1977 scout II to my brother to pay for the D-15
      Do you have any ather ih in your collection?

      greetings stefaan
    13. SGTRed
      Hooah....Hehehe....From 1 old soldier to another...
    14. LeeC
      Nice 68PU! Did those 17.5" rims come stock? Years ago when I told an old boss I picked up an IH 4x4 68T-all to refurbish he said, "Is that the one with the tall skinny rims and tires?" I didn't know what he was talking about.
    15. 56 S120 4x4
    16. 56 S120 4x4
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    Jul 15, 1968 (Age: 52)
    Mustang, Ok
    Water Plant Operator/ Water Well Maintenance
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    SSG. Retired. RA/NG

    Darts, guns, trucks....etc.


    1968 1200C rolling on 17.5's!!!:cornfused:
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