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    Bringing the beast back to life

    Yes, there is a plate on the back of the engine, just behind the valve cover. Best I can remember there are two sets of marks on there. Those marks are also used to set the valve lash.
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    RinTX Russet Interior Build 1980 Traveler

    No pcv on the SD, just a draft tube. Puts the oil to the ground. Sweet interior, I had the same on my 1980 SII.
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    Headlight bezels, Scout II

    They are the same 75-79 but right and left sides do not interchange. I’ve tried. You can get 3 of the 4 holes lined up but even then still won’t fit correctly.
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    Sd33 head gasket differences

    The newer gaskets have the orings already made into them. The older gaskets the orings were individual and you had to put them in place by hand.
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    *** PSA ALERT **** !!!!

    I haven't had an issue with the oil filters yet but finding rotella in a 2.5 gallon jug has eluded me for the past six months, but until recently there was never a problem finding it. Buy 1 gallon jugs here and there when I find them. Just went thru oil change this past weekend so I'm good for...
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    345 Miles per Gallon

    Is your speedometer correct? 31’s are probably taller than what it originally came with so you’re speedometer would read slower than what your speed actually is hence the odometer will not show miles actually traveled. This will show your mileage as being lower.
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    Aftermarket Gauge Advice

    No idea if that set will work or not but you wouldn't get them til end of January. I changed most of my gauges to full sweep mechanical gauges, so the only sender I have is the fuel and tach. Speedo and tach are speedhut, get the GPS speedo. The fuel is Auto Meter because VDO doesn't make the...
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    I’ve had this for a few years and I don’t know what trans it’s for and if it’s worth anything more than the paper it’s printed on.
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    Scout II Can I put a Front axle in the Rear ?

    You should be fine with the axle you currently have. I drove a SD powered turd for years with a Spicer 18 fitted to the T19 and had an old Warn overdrive on the back of the 18. This was on a 100" wheelbase Scout II. Kept the u joints greased and never had a problem with it. I would assume you...
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    LED replacement bulbs for the reversing lights? Equiv to #1156

    I put in LED's for all my lights except headlights. You do not need a load resistor, I got a LED flasher ($10 on amazon) and mine work perfect.
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    Finally installed my down pipe (SD33T)

    From the outside it looks square, the inside is round. When I did mine years ago, I ditched the muffler altogether. It's just a soot catcher.
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    Filter change period

    Motorcraft FL1A can find it anywhere and less than 5 bucks and oil of your choice. I change air filters around every 30k miles, but if you're sucking air from under the hood then it will be sooner than that.
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    The era of 100k+ Scouts has arrived

    I need to bid, how can I pass up a horrible freight winch for that price? And a 10k tach on a 3k engine.
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    Scout meet ups

    Must all be on fakebook, don't get any info over here anymore. But I'm not going on there.
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    Spindles and bearings.

    If it's a 73 it should be a Dana 30