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  1. S

    Gas prices

    Just paid 4.95 for diesel. Gasoline was 3.94 Still cost $162 to fill up the turd but I'm only doing that every 3 weeks now.
  2. S

    1980 Scout II CVI Classic Grey

    Originality in IH speak is soon to be rusty piece of shit. Easier to sell any IH and worth more (to me) than one that is becoming one with mother earth again. One redneck says to another. Hey Merle, glad you kept that old Scout original and didn't fix all that rust and make it presentable again...
  3. S

    VW did not share the new Scout announcement with their dealer network

    VAG owns a lot of things. Seems to be like that everywhere.
  4. S

    Gas prices

    Hell yes, what a bargain. Gas is $4.20 and diesel is $4.99.9 where I get it. I remember paying around $2 a gallon until mid January 2021. Sure, I believe Russia is to blame.
  5. S

    Front Driveshaft

    Digging that shackle.
  6. S

    What is this knob for?

    Looks like something a PO added, the choke would have been on the other side of the steering wheel by the heat controls.
  7. S

    Lost rear axle

    What is cheap auto parts store house brand for $200 Alex?
  8. S

    Center consoles

    I don't have a pic but a plain old black tuffy console from about 15 years ago. I have the 10" wide version which rubs in between the seats. Should have got the one that's 8" wide
  9. S

    1980 turbo diesel production numbers?

    Since this thread has been hijacked here it is. Not pretty but never set out for it to be pretty.
  10. S

    1980 turbo diesel production numbers?

    They are a turd, I drove one of those for years. They do leak and what they don't leak they consume at the rate of a couple quarts every 2500 miles and that's being driven daily. I only got 22-23 mpg which isn't bad at all considering 0 to 60 was about 15 seconds if you would stand on it...
  11. S

    Joe’s Scout 80

    I've had two 61 model 80's and they both had the gold IH emblem on the grill. Both were early VIN and nothing special about them.
  12. S

    Winter cover for Scout 2

    Buy one for a four door jeep. As long as it doesn't have that ghey jeep logo on it, no one will know.
  13. S

    75 Scout tailgate opening

    Mine measured out and 53 1/2" top and bottom and the tailgate is 53 1/4" so mine may be a little tight.
  14. S

    Nissan SD33 diesel engine to Chrysler 727 adapter set: Value?

    Could be worth a couple hundred bucks if you can find that person that wants to convert the diesel to automatic. Other than that it's scrap iron.
  15. S

    squealing belt and fan stopping when I turn the steering wheel when engine cold

    Moaning coming from the ;pump is probably a low level. If it's frothy then you got air in it. Fill the reservoir and jack up the front end and turn the wheel lock to lock slowly. Usually only takes a few turns. Check the level again when it's back on level ground.
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