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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. robs

    Side mirrors

    If you dont want them on the doors, check out the SSll Mirrors. Super Scout Specialists have them.
  2. robs

    Battery Quick Disconnect

    I have one of those for each one of my cars I store and they work great. Costco has them for around 40 bucks.
  3. robs

    Scout II full repaint question's

    I would never do another Scout without media blasting first. period. It will save you a ton of money and time in the long run. You'll be surprised what you find.
  4. robs

    Need help with 2" Skyjacker lift

    Only fully tighten when on the ground. Sounds like you over tightened before.
  5. robs

    Door Alignment

    Mine was the door latch (#54 on the diagram a couple posts back) was slipping and causing the door not to fully shut. Tightened it up and for once a problem was a simple fix.
  6. robs

    Holley 080350 carb

    I installed the Holley 2300 350cfm and it made a huge difference on my 78 s2 304. Just saying if EFI is not in the budget .
  7. robs

    Growing rust issues

    The biggest mistake I made when starting on mine was assuming problem areas are just what you can see. If I had to do it over again i would have media blasted the entire Scout first. Trust me you will find more than what you listed. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. And...
  8. robs

    Any members near the Eugene Oregon area?

    There's a FaceBook group called Pacific Northwest Internationals. I've seen a few from there.
  9. robs

    Oil Pan material

    Thank you Jeff.
  10. robs

    Oil Pan material

    Is the Oil Pan on a 1978 Scout ll 304 aluminum or steel? I'm ordering new plug for a stripped one.
  11. robs

    Towing advice?

    Maybe I missed something, but since you went to a rental agency why not get one of these instead of the Dolly type?
  12. robs

    Wheel spacers

    I added Spidertrax's on my 78 and they come in black, blue, and maybe more colors. Have had no problems and have never seen a tire pass along side me :) For the life of me I can't remember what thickness since it's been a few years but they were one of the smaller sizes.
  13. robs

    Glove box door bumper here you go
  14. robs aka Pacific Supply Group

    I'm surprised on no comments about "They were the cheapest". This is the exact opposite of what I have found and others if you search the threads. I ordered some "new" (not OEM) parts and they sent me obviously used ones. Then they argued with me. Try SSS or the others that are mentioned. You...
  15. robs

    Scout II Hood Release Knob

    The black replacement knobs never worked for me. I tried everything mentioned above including drilling in a screw to tighten it down more. Still came off. so i tried this stuff. You have to Knead the putty first and I roughened the metal. Crammed the putty in the knob, slid the knob on and have...