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Recent content by rhouser30

  1. rhouser30

    1310 new arrival brought back to life, but tree damage

    nice looking truck though
  2. rhouser30

    new Scout purchase

    nice lookin scout D
  3. rhouser30

    66 cub 123

    that 129 looks nice
  4. rhouser30

    After 110 scouts happend upon an SSII :)

    looks awesome, love it!!!!
  5. rhouser30

    Saved one from the scrapman!

    send me a price on the steering wheel and center cap, please
  6. rhouser30

    Rear Bench Seat

    the hinge in the front as it folds up and folds towards front seats to make more room in the back. I believe the back is just a pin that it snaps down into
  7. rhouser30

    SSII Fender Flares - Color Codes

    i thought they only came in black
  8. rhouser30

    Milwaukee Scout Rally

    Love the RHD scouts, two nice scouts for sure!
  9. rhouser30

    Saved one from the scrapman!

  10. rhouser30

    Cosmetic surgery on a traveler

    well D, is this all welded up and painted? Its been almost a full day since you posted!! And yes i am talking completely done!
  11. rhouser30

    1965 Champagne Series Scout 80 Turbo

    pretty cool looking scout, Love it!!!
  12. rhouser30

    2015 Nationals Lost Items and Charity Auction

    i first read it sound like you FOUND a lost wallet.........but you were saying one was "lost" correct?
  13. rhouser30

    First Scout - Hard start question

    change fuel filter too
  14. rhouser30

    Whats it worth: 1970 800A Aristocrat

    just remember you lose alot of money on ebay and paypal fees
  15. rhouser30

    Ignition Question

    i would guess red positive, black negative, and white is your ground, but am not sure, can you trace the wires back and see where they go?