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Binder TV
Randall Barringer

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  • Hello I don't use the site that regularly, but I found my old file with some of my scout literature and documents in it, and had a light line 4wd of Louisiana sticker in there! I live near Lafayette LA now and searched online saw they closed. Wondering if you can PM me any phone numbers, yours and others in Louisiana , to see some more Scouts. Kenny
    I don't know if I am doing this correctly, but, this is the closest to a private message I can find on this forum. :) I am looking for 1966 drivers side rear quarter glass, and air filter cover. If I messaged incorrectly, I apologize. Thanks! ~P.
    Had to keep chopping text to meet 420 characters earlier! Intend on restoring my CS and keeping it fully original. Thus looking for a headliner, one of the few missing items.
    Thx again, Ed.
    Hi Randall,
    I've owned a couple of Scout 80s for over two decades. Over the years I've discovered that one is a CS, mostly by looking around on this site.
    I've been gathering missing items. I recently read that you removed the stock headliner from your CS and that you may not have a use for it? If that is correct, I would be very interested in paying you for the headliner.
    Thx, Ed.
    Saw an old post about horn spring where you said you could provide a size. If you do know the size, can you pass it on? Thanks - Jeramy
    Randall Barringer
    Randall Barringer
    I'm just now seeing this message. Sorry about that. Did you get the spring figured out?
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