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  • I then pulled the Oil Pan and looked up to the Cam to see them Squished out. I took a Pic and posted on my build thread.
    I verified by pulling first the Rocker Covers and starting the motor to find no oiling to the rockers.
    IH motors feed oil to the Rockers through the Cam Bearings I had a pretty good idea that they were spun.
    Crap, Sorry Brad I just saw your question. The first indication that I had Spun a Cam Bearing was the sound of the Rocker Arms clicking.
    Hi punjig,
    I have a question for you. When you spun the cam bearing how did you know that was the problem.? I have a rebuilt 345 and it has a odd squeak and I can't figure out where the hell its coming from. I remembered your build thread and it made me think maybe I spun a bearing.

    Thank you Brad.
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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group
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