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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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    Just finished my 1st front end with a successful alignment. A few days later I noticed a radiator leak and while moving Scout II into garage to remove it, and saw oil from driver's side exhaust pipe, enough to spray onto garage floor. Haven't noticed any smoke from either pipe , although there...
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    Spindle washers

    OK, that helps. Respectfully
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    Spindle washers

    Just getting around to this. Too many woman projects. Sequence is - outer bearing, narrow washer, bearing adjusting nut, lock nut, wide washer with tab bent over lock nut, manual hubs?
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    Spindle washers

    Thanks both. MAB
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    Spindle washers

    There are 2 different width washers associated with the 2 nuts on my 76 Scout II. Does it matter which is inner, when installing new bearings?
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    My 76 Scout II sits lower driver side, front and back. Shocks virtually new. Alignment done recently and Tech said that drag link is wrong one for Scout. Probably right as I'm new at this whole truck concept. Bought on the cheap through JC Whitney. Any way, my question is on leaf springs...
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    I had a recent post regarding outer shaft with a crack. Turned out that that a shop took care of it for a few bucks. Thanks for the response. I know I saw a chart that had all vejhicle spec. Looking in particular for tie rod ends and drag link. I went through the manual, but I've been in...
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    Front end

    I just got around to my first front end again and found outer axle shaft with a crack at the inside base of the axle universal. The part where the shaft lines up with spindle is bent up in a few places. Can crack be welded? Vehicle is Scout II '76, 345. Where might I look for replacements...
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    Ball Joint sleeve

    Just read what I submitted. Should be the sleeve that slides over the upper ball joint is frozen on. I used oil, tried to tap out. No Luck.
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    Ball Joint sleeve

    The threaded slit sleeve that goes over the upper ball jointis has been to remove. Tried oil, tap. Other side was a snap.Any suggestions, this is my first front end project?
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    Ball Joint

    You all gave me solid advice on removing the spindle, 76 Scout II. 3 questions. First, are the spindle nuts and washer reuseable. I've found a kit for Dana 30. Second, how to remove the ball joint? Nuts and cotter pins off. Third bearings! How to install, seat, and adjust them?
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    Scout II Axle

    Thanks for axle info. Not upgrading. It was a target of opportunity. Original owner was transfering out west and had too many vehicles. Literaly bought at a garage sale. We were both honerable men. Very little rust, but what is too little? I was courageous and scraped all the 30 years of...
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    !976 Scout II

    Yes, 4X4. What I needed was a spindle Nut wrench. Interestingly enough, the parts people didn't know about axles. There happened to be one in the store and I was EDUCATED. Right now I'm struggling with removing a stuck spindle and knuckle. I'm planning to add bearings and seals. Any advice...
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    !976 Scout II

    I'm tackling my first ball joint project. Stuck on the lock ring that keeps me from removing the spindle. Issue #2 is removing the rotor and back panel (?). Anyone tell how the trick is done?
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    Scout II Axle

    I have a 1976 Scout II, V-8. Sorting through web sites for parts, there are some that want an axle size. As a novice to this business of repair, I'm confident you can tell me how it is determined.