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Binder TV
  1. pedey6

    Possible new purchase. Thoughts?

    Grabem up while there HOT
  2. pedey6

    1973 Scout 2 Restore

    Love those seats ,,
  3. pedey6

    74 Scout Major rebuild

    Can’t believe I started this back in 2015 .. just keep swimming ..
  4. pedey6

    Interesting NADA values

    When it's all all said and done I should have condition 2 price invested in my current project .. I don't think the prices will ever subside there are to few parts that are available and a limited aftermarket for these vehicles . Tailgates hoods fenders windshield frames once there gone there...
  5. pedey6

    Seat Belt Retractor location

    Believe this was covered in the past 74 scout 2 new floor boards was it 3" in from door lip 10" in from rear step up ?
  6. pedey6

    Help the Bubba Scout win some dough..

    Yeah there had to be a Powerwagon in there .. tempting ..But I got your Back
  7. pedey6

    Headlight grounds

    Glad to help , electrical schematics will tell you the path but determining the location can be the challenge :yes:
  8. pedey6

    Headlight grounds

    Had a similar problem to what you are describing turned out there was a black wire with a ring terminal by the horn relay area not grounded , cant remember if it was by the proportioning valve or horn relay but its drivers side mid fender cooling overflow ..
  9. pedey6

    5.3L Swap out the stock 345 Might help with your build ..
  10. pedey6

    Looking for specific knob set screw

    Heading to my favorite bone yard next week if ya need some I can scab a few.
  11. pedey6

    POR-15 and OSPHO Q:

    I used Eastwood's After blast on my rusted areas and then POR- 15 .. hold up good so far but just 1 year in atm the good thing about after blast is it has the zinc and i wasn't under any time constraint this stuff doesn't allow flash rusting after prep.
  12. pedey6

    74 Scout Major rebuild

    Lowered , wiring almost done with , fuel systems completed
  13. pedey6

    74 Scout Major rebuild more interior work .. Finally rid of the Grant GT wheel
  14. pedey6

    I put 100,000 miles on

    Jeff I know your usually at the Nationals , let me know if there's any parts your looking for . Down here in southern Indiana the bone yards are a pickers paradise for IH vehicles and usually cheap.