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Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

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  • Hi Paul, could you get in touch?
    I have some questions about my AA120 4x4 which I'm converting to 345 V8! I can't seem to work out the clutch lever arrangement & how the levers mount for the transfer case & hand brake. Any help would be much appreciate. Thanks. Adam

    While searching old threads regarding propane on SV engines, I found your post with a bunch of good related-experience.

    A buddy inherited a truck with a IC392 and an Impco 425 setup. It runs, but fuel consumption is really high.

    Is there a procedure for correctly setting both the idle mixture and cruise mixtures?

    Impco hasn't been particularly forthcoming over the phone....

    Also, I recently found that an ex-girlfriend lives Down Under in a town called Byron Bay. Is that anywhere near you?


    Paul thanks for your help. My truck has the tinted window option and I have bought a NOS complete wind wing assembly for the right side. Now I'm looking for a match for the left side. The one I'm looking for is IH part number 347 870 C91 left side with tinted glass OR a new set of rubber vent wing seals. The rubber seal part numbers are 162 360 R1 (left side) and 162 361 R1 (right side) if the vent assembly's and or rubber seals can be bought there in Australia I might like to get my hands on all I can find within reason. They are very scarce here and no one is reproducing them.

    Thanks again, Carl
    Paul, I have a question from the USA, I am in the process of re-building a very nice 1968 1200C Travelall. I have a few posts with pictures of my truck and have read in one of your posts (at least I think I did ) that the "C" body was used in Australia into the 80's. This brings me to the question.

    Could you give me a list of Australian IH Dealers that might have some parts for my rig? I have an MT-118 parts catalog with part numbers. Did they use State side numbers in Australia? If so I can provide the numbers. I have two specific parts that I am looking for and a bunch of stuff on the wish list. Most of it is body related and used on all models of the 60 thru 68 pickup, Travelall, Loadstar.

    I am in search of the right and left vent wing rubber seal or the complete wind wing assemblies. What ever it takes to get the rubber seal.

    The one !968 specific part that I am looking for are the front fender side marker lamps. They might not have used them in Australia, I don't know. It is a single part that is used on both right and left fenders.

    If you could help with a list of Dealerships that I could contact I would be very appreciative.

    Regards, Carl Howard
    hey paul...dean here...what is the control box called that is on the firewall and directly to the right of the goldbox?...two sets of 2wires coming out of itmine is fried and i don't know what to ask for at the auto parts scout was running fine untill this box melted and dripped down on the tranny....77 scout 304 with electronic ignition...
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