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  • Hi Patrick, tell me about t-34 tranny. I have 1 & might put in my '67 1200b 4x4 410 gearing. Thanks, Dan
    Nice combo of rigs Patrick! One "Round-Body" and one "Half-Cab", just what I hope to have in my IH fleet some day ;) . Already slaving away on my 68 Travelall 4x4... Thanks for the albums.
    Patrick, I think your new dash looks great. Nice to see someone designing something for the 'C' trucks. Will you be making anything for the glovebox door? Oops, just saw what you did for that area. Looks good as well. Will you be making other changes to the interior? I have swapped out the front bench seat for a set of high back bucket seats from a 1989 Dodge Caravan and the sunvisors from a GM Suburban. The visors will fit into the IH brackets. The center clip can be had from a Dodge commercial size van. You can add door pockets from a Hyundai car that fit the 'steel door panels' almost like they were made for the doors. Fit to the 'ridges' and don't interfear with closing the doors. If you have oversize tires and the spare has to be inside, but won't fit in the 'bucket', I have made (I think is) a good solution to prevent the tire from sliding around the cargo area floor.
    Bill Bennett 68 Travelall 1100 4X4 Torrance, CA
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