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    No Vents?

    I have just about stripped my scout 80 ready for a rotisserie. I still don't know what year it is because there is not dataplate. I do have the sliding windows though. One thing I realised is I don't have those windscreen demister vents - I don't even have hole in my dash for them - where...
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    Scout 80 Parts Supplier - Any Recommendations?

    Thanks for the info - the tub is sound - the tray is rusted so I will be replacing that. The car has been sitting in a barn for 10 years so I presume I would rebuild the engine or but in some later model Nissan running gear. I thought I would buy parts from a supplier so that I could save...
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    Scout 80 Parts Supplier - Any Recommendations?

    Parts that I need: 1. Gauges - Speedometer and Fuel, Oil 2. Headlight outer rings 3. 1x headlight bucket 4. tailgate 5. front turn signal lights – front piece and lenses (not assembly) 6. complete taillight assemblies 7. horn button 8. sliding window rails (tracks) 9. ignition 10...
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    Scout 80 Parts Supplier - Any Recommendations?

    I have just stripped down the scout - it has sliding passanger windows so I am guessing it is a '60-'62. Can anyone recommend a parts supplier?
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    What Year Is My Scout?

    Well I have had a look for that dataplate and there is nothing there, it looks like it was removed many years ago. Is there a stamped VIN anywhere?
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    What Year Is My Scout?

    Hey All, Can anyone let me know how to find out what year my Scout is? I am guessing it is a '63, but that is just a guess. :confused: Is there a dataplate anywhere I should know about? Also, I am thinking about keeping it original - but maybe lifting it a bit - anyone used lift blocks...
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    Just got a SCOUT - AUSTRALIA

    Hey Guys I just bought a Scout. This will be the first time that I restore anything that isn't a Mustang so I am starting at the top - or bottom... Firsty I think it is a '62 model? It has a 4cyl - but I am not sure how may cc. I don't know how many speed the gear box is or what parts...