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  1. orangeblood

    Domain Registration

    Our domain registration is set to expire on GoDaddy coming up soon. Who is handling the housekeeping issues currently? I'll forward them the email. Best to give me a call, five one two 46six 0807, I don't check the forum regularly.
  2. orangeblood

    Black Rear Bench Seat - Scout II

    I think it ran $750 for both front and rear seats in black cloth with vinyl backs and sides. I used Ed's Custom Upholstery in Marble Falls.
  3. orangeblood

    Binder Bash April date decision

    Double Horn Brewing will donate some free beer cards for anyone wanting to grab a burger and a beer on their way into or out of town. I'll work with Rob to get another keg out to the bash. That being said, I'll be out of town at a conference the weekend of the 18th so a I voted for the 25th.
  4. orangeblood

    NTB Roundup Meet and Greet?

    Back in the old days the town of Double Horn had a kick *** trading post! Anyone bringing stuff for Rob, just give it to the bartender, they'll tuck it away for me/ us. Sully, they'll have your $, too (or we'll throw 'em in Dead Man's Hole). Anyone coming for dinner just tell the...
  5. orangeblood

    NTB Roundup Meet and Greet?

    :oops:, it's currently out of stock. It will return sometime around Christmas :santa:
  6. orangeblood

    Announcement : NTB Roundup 2014

    If anyone is planning on stopping by Double Horn for the Meet & Greet on Friday please see this thread in the Hill Country Binders Forum LINK I will unfortunately be out of town, but I wanted to say thanks for visiting us! Have a great time and post plenty of pics:punk:
  7. orangeblood

    NTB Roundup Meet and Greet?

    Who is planning on meeting at Double Horn Friday, the 17th at 8pm for the NTB Roundup? I would like to leave some "Free Beer" cards for my brethren :cowboy: I can also make a reservation to make things smoother.
  8. orangeblood

    1966 Scout in Mason

    I'm sure it has quite a story! Heavy on the story part! Never found that travelall, bought a low mileage landcruiser to get me by in the meantime. Had a chance at another nice IH recently (see attached) but had to pass. My pickup will have to get me by for now, best IH I've ever owned!
  9. orangeblood

    1966 Scout in Mason

    A buddy of mine sent me this when he was traversing the hill country. I'm not in the market, but thought one of you might be.
  10. orangeblood

    Scout Mechanic in Austin or Hill Country?

    John, shoot me a PM with your # if you want the details. I live out in Bee Cave and know of a few shops, one in NW Austin I used years ago (Great Hills Auto), one in Marble Falls I still use (Colonial Auto), and one in Bee Cave I'm considering using (McSpadden's).
  11. orangeblood

    HCB Binder Bash 2014 - April 12th

    Just a heads up for those planning to meet at Double Horn on Friday. The brewpub will be closed starting at 5 pm for a private event. Sorry for any inconvenience! We will be open all day Saturday and Sunday, however.
  12. orangeblood

    HCB Airporter discussion

    As one of those who originally funded the project, I vote we part out whatever is salvageable or sell it cheap to someone who wants a project. Any funds would go to HCB. I don't ever expect to see my money back. It's an IH afterall:beer:
  13. orangeblood

    Need an IH Scout Mechanic

    I use a very honest mechanic in Marble Falls. Probably too far away for you, but Colonial Auto won't screw you over, ask for Randy. When I was in Austin I used Great Hills Automotive. They weren't cheap but they did good work. They were recommended to me back when I had some restoration work...
  14. 1978 Scout II pre-restomodification

    1978 Scout II pre-restomodification

  15. 1978 Scout II

    1978 Scout II