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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. oneof3k

    Never Enough Champagne

    Some Success..... Sort Of.... Rather then wasting all my time electrifying a Scout, I though I should waste my time trying to see if I can get Barb on the road this decade. Today is the exact four-year anniversary since I started this build. Therefore, my most recent goal (FYI, none of the...
  2. oneof3k

    Never Enough Champagne

    It's a simple one-for-one trade off: she helps me with the (thankfully rare) two-person tasks and I help with her gardening/greenhouse/etc. maintenance tasks! The topic of divorce only comes up when I get frustrated with her assistance. Hey, I just want to get something, anything, running this...
  3. oneof3k

    '77 Scout II Merges with '76 Scout II=JJ Doesn't Have Enuff Projects

    Victories, regardless of scale (and with or without cigarette burns) are still victories! I hope there is at least one or two more useful parts in your last haul :tt2: .
  4. oneof3k

    Colonel Mustard - 1975 IH Travelall 150

    You'd think you would know a few 3M engineers to ask..... no wait, now I remember what you think of engineers! I like your speaker housing idea Kenmore's. I've been thinking of a way to add a light to my Scout's headliner and now I have a potential idea.
  5. oneof3k

    My New '75 Scout II 81,000 Mile Truck

    So what's there to contemplate? You can pull the motor, install new seals and gaskets, and put it back again before lunch time!
  6. oneof3k

    Never Enough Champagne

    Oh Sh!t, it did not. But I have an Ace up my sleeve; pretty much any Scout that gets electrified by me will have a body that's missing most of the floor pans and rockers, etc., thus saving hundreds of lbs!
  7. oneof3k

    ‘72 1310 +’85 Alaskan

    That sucks but rather minor in the big scheme of things. Does the "etc." part of the equation mean it's time to :beer: ?
  8. oneof3k

    Never Enough Champagne

    Good call Greg. I don't know what it is with all you petrol heads and your refusal to see the light (or electrons)!!!!!!!! Jeff, at my rate, she won't run until well into the future. But one never knows. And you can keep all the vinyl. It only cost about three times what I paid for the...
  9. oneof3k

    Never Enough Champagne

    True or False.... Today was what felt like the first day of spring. So any plans to work on the Scout were trumped by Kate and her honey do list. But over the past several days..... We had every intention of taking off for a couple of weeks to western NM and SE AZ the last week in March and...
  10. oneof3k

    JJ's 1976 Scout II Build

    I know you have a really special truck there, but is it so special that you need 1-1/2 parking places in an otherwise empty lot? Wait, I'll bet it was Taco Tuesday 12 hours ago! The stance of that Scout II is awesome; I never get tired of looking at her. And where does Dew ride?
  11. oneof3k

    1963 Scout 80

  12. oneof3k

    project Blue Rhinoceros

    True, but I think that Dave should count his blessings by not having to put on false eye lases just to go to work! The scientist in me would like to see a "roots cause" analysis (so the non scientist in me can learn something). I think your theory is that the muffler paint temp was exceeded...
  13. oneof3k

    Columbus..the 1957 IH 4x4

    Duane's latest posting on CL.
  14. oneof3k

    ‘72 1310 +’85 Alaskan

    Was that before or after he had to inflate his raft to stay above water in TN? Here's a question, probably dumb one at that. Many years ago, I kept snapping several of the bolts (not studs like you have) off my Scout's locking hubs. I finally replaced them with grade 8 bolts and they have...
  15. oneof3k

    Columbus..the 1957 IH 4x4

    Phil and I have a great relationship. I park in his yard and drive the prices of everything he has up and up. In return, he only marks up my purchases by 50%.