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  1. NTX_Brian

    North Texas Binders Trading Post

    LF Scout 304, 345, or 392 in good running condition. In DFW area.
  2. NTX_Brian

    Texas Binder Bash 2016

    Well, looks like it's going to be pretty messy next weekend. I'm currently on the fence about going this year. I had steering failure last weekend on the highway with the worst case of death wobble I've experienced ever. It shook the truck so hard that it dislodged my clutch linkage, broke my...
  3. NTX_Brian

    Shirts for NTB Round up!

    Howdy all, First, let me apologize for just now getting to this! It's been a crazy few months with work and will continue to be for the next 3 months. I have the t-shirts for everyone that we need to mail out. I am hoping that we can box them together in groups and send just a couple of...
  4. NTX_Brian

    Shirts for NTB Round up!

    1 - Large for me please.
  5. NTX_Brian

    Jack Stands..

    Thank you! Anyone have a good 3:92 and up Dana44 carrier they want to sell?
  6. NTX_Brian

    Jack Stands..

    I need to borrow an extra set of jackstands for my gear swap next week. Anyone going to Saturday's meeting have a set that I can borrow? (Tall heavy duty style would be great too!) Thanks!
  7. NTX_Brian

    March 2015 meeting - North Main BBQ @ Euless

    I'll be there! See y'all Saturday!
  8. NTX_Brian

    February 2015 meeting - Cafe Brazil

    I will not be able to attend this one. I have an event I am video directing that morning. If y'all are still there at lunch time I'll swing by though :)
  9. NTX_Brian

    Looking for axle or parts

    You betcha. If I go to 4.11's or 4.56's I'll get the Thick version to fit in my current carriers.
  10. NTX_Brian

    Looking for axle or parts

    FYI, I did pick cheaper gears. Using $156 per r&p $185 per install kit w/Timken bearings. I'm not a fan of the cheaper bearings. So, yes, I could save some $ here but my experience has been that it'll cost me more down the road. Thanks for the link though! Hopefully...
  11. NTX_Brian

    Looking for axle or parts

    Howdy all.. I need to get the BigGreenPig back on the road next month. I sheared the rear pinion on my last outing. Looking for some budget friendly upgrade ideas that'll get me 3.73 or shorter gears. (I'm running the stock Dana 44 with 3.08). New Dana44 ring & pinions will cost me about...
  12. NTX_Brian

    Bridgeport Carnage

    *WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW* So, I managed to shear the rear-pinion gear crawling up some rocks on Saturday. Stock Dana 44 w/3.31 gears and Aussie Locker. 33" tires. We had to pull the axles and carrier to get out the other half of the pinion gear. I really dig our community and how...
  13. NTX_Brian

    North Texas Binders - November 2014 meeting announcement

    I'll be there! Hopefully in a scout!
  14. NTX_Brian

    Announcement : NTB Roundup 2014

    Thank you for posting the pics!!!
  15. NTX_Brian

    Announcement : NTB Roundup October 2014

    We have enough rigs to qualify for a 20% discount from Hidden Falls! Be sure you let them know you're part of the NTB Round-Up!
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Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group