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  • I saw a a post from 2013 where you had some ih/amc t18 bell housings. I wondered if you had any of those still around that you'd be willing to sell.
    I am looking for a left saddle fuel tank for a 1964 C1100 travelette and either side for a 1965 2-door pickup that I think is a C1000
    I recently picked up a new to me 73 1010 travelall. I am looking for a good condition front and rear bumper. I also would like to get a new rear tank. Wondering if you knew where i would find a new one. All available say for Scouts.
    Sir, I heard you might be the man to talk to about fuel tanks. Looking for a rear fuel tank for a 73 travelall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Do you have a fuel tank for a 1964 c1100? or something similar that would fit between the frame rail and the passenger side rocker? If you're able you can text or call 913-530-1284. I'm in Kansas and if it's not too far I could probably pick it up. Thank you!
    I am considered the IH salvage. There is the Heartland IH group, which I am a member. You can find out info about the group on this bbd. I have about 30 SII's and numerous already removed axles, so chances are good that I would have a matching diff.
    hey thanks for the help im not sure the gearing. right now im in iraq and am waiting to get home to start an my baby the guy i got the axle from put diffrent gears in and i cant remember what he put in there. is there any scout related salvage yards or vendors in the greater KS area better yet any IH clubs i would like to get involved with somthing like that so would my son he is four years old and could most scout models out of a line up
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