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Mitch Neal
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  • Hi MItch, Hope all is well with you and yours, I'm ok, but my 392 in the Camper Special isn't LOL, I am in need of another 392 with the side motor mounts-----thought I would inquire and see if you knew of the availability of one. Take care and have a wodnderful weekend !! Very Best Regards, lee, Cowpens, SC
    Mitch, J.J. suggested I contact you about a body swap I'm doing on my 1972 1210 4x4. If you get a moment, I posted on the General IH Tech area. "Body Switch for T-all. HELP!!" is the topic title. If you have time, read through the posting and I would love to have any Hints, Comments, Suggestions, that you feel I should be aware of. If you would rather email, you can do so by writing me at -

    Thanks Much for your time. Ted
    Hello Mitch,
    hope you are well, just wanted to share this photos of a B120 4x4x Crew Cab. Thought you might like it.

    P.S. is that your 1210 Blue crew cab??? looks like a nice project.
    I just joined the group and was wondering if there are any activities going on in or near Florida? There are a cou[le of jeep runs near Ocala but nothing I've heard of for Scout's. Any ideas?
    your Avatar is that a scout 80 or 800? I am have some difficulty wit the fuel system on my 62 scout 80 can't exlpian piece on carb float body exterior. Do you know where I could find a diagram for it?
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