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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Mike Moore
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  • Do you still restore scouts? I have a 1975 scout II that i would like to restoere? Trying to get an idea of the cost?
    Hi Mike, I recently came across a picture you posted here a few years ago of a Mack b-75 tractor that you had said your father had built. I'm sure I've seen this truck on the road at some point and just wanted to comment that it looks great. What's come of it? Do you have any other pictures? Thanks very much, Jeremy

    I stumbled on a line where you were soliciting interest in getting Scout II custom cut out fender flares manufactured. I left a comment on it yesterday, but can't find it now. I put a pic and a website of a guy who put 73-70 Ford pick up cut out falres by Bushwhacker on his Scout II. I'd like to do the cut-out flares on my 80 Scout but am not comfortable with adapting something unless its a pretty sure thing. I think that there would be a market for Scout II cut-out flares. The thing to do is get the production start up costs figured and solicit deposits to cover them with no profit in the initial production. Once they're out there, then the retailers will commit to orders and there should be a profit in future production.

    Really wish I was going to be in country for the Work Day on the 30th.

    How's the family? Happy New Year to you all!!!


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