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  • That is awesome. I remember that Scout well. The body was one of the best I had seen in a long time. I remember seeing you at a Tulare event several years ago. No, the blue Scout went away just a few months ago. I got tired of dealing with smog, so I sold it to a girl in Fresno who really wanted it bad, to find a '75 or older Scout II. My wife said that a II would be too small, how about a Traveler? Unfortunately, no Travelers were built before '75, so that puts me back under smog again. Oh well. There's a gorgeous low mile '79 on Craigslist, you've probably seen it, but I just can't get myself to have to deal with catalyc converters too! We'll see.
    Hey Mike. Yes, I'm the one that bought the XLC in Nov. of '94. You can see by my avatar pic that it's been fully repainted in the original color, but with a white rooftop. It also has goodies like a 4" lift, 33" tires, and new axle gears/lockers. It also has a 33 gal fuel tank, class III hitch, and a Dana 300 transfer case. The tranny was rebuilt with a low gearset. It's been a great truck the past 14 years, and I plan to keep it many more years. Do you still have your blue Scout II?
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