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Binder TV
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  • Michael,

    Did you ever have a chance to measure that clutch slave rod. I would appreciate it.
    Ya I still have it but it's going away soon.. If you are still wanting it.. It is at oak street auto in hillsboro... ask for Bob 503-640-2381..he will take $100 for it but you need to get it very soon... I'm leaving by 9am 11/26 and won't be back till Mon. or you can call me this PM if you have more ?'s or if you have a buildable old style std. 392 short block i"ll trade you but my window is closing and Bob wants it out of there.. Thanks Hal 503-820-1984
    I'm seriously thinkin about using the durabak stuff in my scout tub. Have you had any problems with it? Thanks Nick?
    good morning friend! Out deer hunting early, close encounter w/ one but brush too heavy. Lots of activity up Zahn Creek and above. Am off to town now. DAD
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