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    New Years Day Trail Ride

    I am trying to post a little earlier this year, I am planning a new years day trail ride again this year. It will mostly be me and a few friends but I wanted to invite anyone here that would be interested in a trail ride. Not sure of the details but the current plan is to go to Moonlight...
  2. M

    Anyone going on nov. Trail run?

    I am planning on going. Not sure what I am bringing.
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    trail ride

    As usual late notice but just in case anyone can make it. There is an old truck trail ride this Friday in Fulton at Pottawatomie. I will be there around 8:30 am.
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    No oil pressure

    Loss of oil pressure is when climbing so nose up. I have a spare sd33 and I pulled the pan and looked at the oil pickup today. It looks like the pickup is toward the front of the sump and the pan has no baffling. I am thinking I might try relocating the pickup more toward the rear of the pan...
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    No oil pressure

    Okay I have searched and read up on the draft tube leaking oil on steep inclines, but what about oil pressure? I went wheeling yesterday at a local park that has some fairly steep hills and lost oil pressure on several climbs. Is this normal for the sd33 or do I have a problem? I noticed...
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    Trail ride

    I will be there for sure Saturday. What time friday afternoon? I have lunch plans Friday but hoping to be off work after that. Maybe I could make it there by late afternoon.
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    Old Truck trail ride

    I am going to Fulton (Potowatamie) this friday around 9 am to meet some friends for an old truck trail ride. Anyone is welcome come out, there should be two or three scouts there including mine. I can give directions if anyone needs them.
  8. M

    Powder Coating

    Debating using what I believe is actually a polyester powder, the typical powder coating used on valve covers and such. I am a little bit undecided yet because I have a friend with a dump trailer that was factory powder coated and it is peeling off real bad also have seen hitches that seem to...
  9. M

    Powder Coating

    Has anyone had any powdercoating done in the STL area? I am looking ot have a roll cage coated and am hoping for some recomendations.
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    Shuttering in Reverse

    I am pretty new here and have done some searching regarding my problem. Anyway I have a 74 scout 2 with the 258 six cylinder and a 3 speed manual tranny. When I try to back up on a hill the whole scout shutters rather violently. I opened the hood and the engine is really rocking when this...
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    Nick Osiek Memorial Trail Run

    A friend of mine really needs to get his J*** out on the trail. Anyone opposed to an off brand vehicle at the trail ride?
  12. M

    March meeting

    Anyone planning on going on the road trip have an extra seat for a hitchhiker. My scout is down for brake work, might be done but if not it doesn't seem right to bring a Chevy truck for a road rally.
  13. M

    New Years Trail Ride

    I am trail riding on New Years Day at Wa****a Off Road Park if anyone is interested in getting thier IH dirty or any other brand X rig for that matter. Planning to be at the park at 9:30 am or thereabouts and leaving from St. Charles county if anyone wants to convoy. Best way to contact me is...
  14. M

    Trail riding

    I am thinking about a trail ride after thanksgiving. I have usually gone on black friday but may decide to go saturday or sunday. It looks like SMORR off road park in seymour missouri has some sort of after thanksgiving events that weekend and I have never been down there. If anyone is...
  15. M

    Old Truck Trail Ride

    I forgot to post a time, which is typically around 9 am. I have a silver chevy tow rig and grey trailer. I have a new to me 80 diesel scout that needs a little work that I am hoping to bring if I can get it together by then, if not I have a white dodge m37.