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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. Mean_Machine

    Front or rear locker?

    Thank you sir!! I really didnt like the color when i first got it but im lovin that smurf blue now! :punk:
  2. Mean_Machine

    Front or rear locker?

    Ya thats a lot of work right there!! I would like to learn the process and doing it all but im not up to the challenge right now.. Id like to see someone do it and learn it that way because im a visual learner! I dont want to do to much to these axles because i want to upgrade them but thats...
  3. Mean_Machine

    Front or rear locker?

    Ok ya i probally wont replace them, i was thinking it would be a waste of time also! Haha ya the 3 wheel 4x4 is alot better than the 2 wheel 4x4 but id like to get all 4 wheels spinin soon.. Your lucky that yours still gives you limited slip! Ok if i was to replace my trac-lock with an open...
  4. Mean_Machine

    Front or rear locker?

    Well heres an update for you guys. I received my spartan locker over the christmas and right away i started tearing the rear down. I guess i didnt inspect the rear well enough because i didnt realize i had a limited slip diff, i thought a lsd would have springs of some sort? but i happened to...
  5. Mean_Machine

    Front or rear locker?

    Thanks for the info! cant wait to install it and see how it works and ill be looking into that twin stick more because its not all that expensive and cool looking
  6. Mean_Machine

    Front or rear locker?

    Ok cool thanks! Ive seen some videos on youtube where they take the carrier out and install the locker and re-assemble and it doesnt look to bad. Ill make sure to mark everything on how it comes out and hope for the best! What kind of differential fluid is the best to use or will regular be...
  7. 7961.jpg


  8. Trail through the bosque

    Trail through the bosque

  9. 7963.jpg


  10. 7964.jpg


  11. Down by the Rio Grande River

    Down by the Rio Grande River

  12. Old 345

    Old 345

  13. Crate Chevy 350

    Crate Chevy 350

  14. 7958.jpg


  15. Welding motor mounts

    Welding motor mounts